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89 Articles About Why Voting By Mail is a Very Bad Idea

A new addition to our blogroll, www.NoVBM.org (No Vote By Mail), provides more, much more, on the risks of vote by mail that we cover from time to time. Are you wondering why voting by mail or absentee is a bad idea? Are you looking for information about the problems

Vote By Mail – What Could Be More Risky?

Consider the risks of Vote By EMail or Vote By Fax! We are not convinced that vote by mail can be made safe and private. The purpose of the secret ballot is not just to protect the privacy of the voter, but to protect us all from the votes of others being bought or coerced. […]

ROVAC President Addresses Dead Voters – Media Remains Dead To Larger Issues

George Cody, President Registrars Of Voters Association Connecticut, responded to the Dead Voters Issue with a letter to the Hartford Courant <read> Connecticut and the registrars are stuck between a rock and a hard place — aggressively clean up the database and risk dropping voters incorrectly — or demand clear evidence to drop a person […]

Was President Behind Failure Of Holt Bill?

Update: More from Politico <read>. Billions for deficits and earmarks but nothing to provide voters confidence their choices were followed. Larry Norden, director of the voting technology project at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s law school, called the vote “a sad statement on how little Congress has done on the issue […]

No Paper, No Problem*

We favor paper filled out by voters, followed by optical scan, followed by a sufficient audit, just like 100%** of computer scientists. * unless you want your vote actually counted and counted correctly ** very vary small margin of error, such as Michael Shamos. Here is an example from Shamos’ state of the start of […]

Voter Rolls: No Grave Concern

Update: Secretary of the State’s <press release> A UConn study reported in the Hartford Courant demonstrates that the ultimate disability is not a barrier to voting in Connecticut: Dead Voters? Probe Finds Errors In Records, <read>. The deceased continue on the voter rolls and occasionally vote. a list of more than 300 people across Connecticut […]

Reform Moves Forward In Connecticut

While Federal reform is delayed, reform moved forward yesterday in Connecticut. The General Assembly Appropriations Committee passed H.B. 5888 with a joint favorable recommendation to the Legislature. On March 19th, the Government Administration and Elections Committee also passed the bill with a joint favorable recommendation. H.B. 5888, An Act Concerning Revisions To The Optical Scan […]

Holt Bill Fails To Get Required 2/3 Of House

The Holt Emergency Bill, H.R. 5036, which we support, failed by 239 to 178 to get a required two-thirds margin in the House of Representatives. AlterNet has the story <read> CTVotersCount thanks the entire Connecticut House Delegation for voting for the bill, with especial thanks to Representative Courtney, a co-sponsor. We also appreciate the work […]

Will The Voter Registration System Be Fixed In Time?

Stamford Advocate: State fixing voter system after primary glitches, <read> Will the pressure on the Secretary of the State’s Office and the Department of Information Technology be sufficient such that the system will actually be fixed to function when it is most needed? For background, see our our earlier coverage of the Norwich Public Hearings. […]

Why We Need Manual Recounts And Audits

They used optical scan! They had the paper! How could the wrong candidate be elected? (See Myth #9 ) Governor’s race decided by margin of 0.2% with highly questionable results. But not recounted or audited. Democratic Underground has the story <read>. Here are the pertinent details: A close look at the 2002 Alabama Governor’s race […]