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Editor’s Note

One of’s goals is to bring National articles and information of interest to the attention of Connecticut Voters. We review various sources to highlight news and issues that are of value and timely or timeless. At various times we can learn from or suffer from what happens in other states.

Florida Risks OUR Democracy With Internet Voting

What’s wrong with Florida using Internet Voting? Why should Connecticut Voters care? It is not private – open to intimidation abuse, vote selling – especially in environments such as military, business, religeous, and union. There is no auditable record Anything that risks who is declared President, or could change the balance in Congress and the […]

People And Paper Save The Election In Arkansas!!!

The ballots were incorrect, the machines were not programmed correctly. But election officials noticed the ballot problem in time and after the election discovered the machine problem. Because they had a paper record the election was able to be correctly decided. <read> Haggard says the night before the election, officials noticed that the electronic ballot […]

You Can’t Always Trust The Paper

When it comes to paper ballots, trust comes from: An easy to understand ballot A private ballot A strong chain of custody Transparent counting of the ballots, or sufficient transparent audits – followed by appropriate action When it comes to media we need all the facts, correct facts, and many usually reliable sources of news. […]

Senators Feinstein and Bennett Plan To Unite Voting Integrity Advocates

Another effort in a long history of knee-jerk reactions to address public concern with voting by throwing expensive, inadequate, unproven, and unnecessary technology at the problem. The better solution is a stronger “Holt” bill banning DRE’s, mandating paper ballots, and strong, effective audits. Senators Feinstein and Bennett issued a press release purporting to enhance voting […]

Revised November Audit Report – Suffers From Legendary Computing Problem

Earlier this week Dr. Alex Shvartsman of UConn sent us a revised, Version 2, of the Statistical Analysis of the Post Election Audit Data, November 2007 Elections <read> This report is based on the added investigations of the discrepancies reported in the initial audit data reported in the Observation Coalition Report <read> followed by the […]

Warning: This Elecition Will Not Be Audited

The following report about a recent election in Plainfield raises several issues: The Help America Vote Act does not require electronic voting. All paper balloting for federal elections is OK. But according to this article not in Connecticut. In general we have no problems with all paper ballot elections, although there is attraction to the […]

Hans Off Our Vote, Finally

 Update: Without comment, van Spakvosky comments on his withdrawl with an WSJ Op-Ed <read> Hans van Spakvosky has withdrawn his nomination to the Federal Elections Commission. As reported here and elsewhere, Hans is just not the person we would want messing with our votes <read>

Reports of Dead Voters Greatly Exaggerated

Echoing Mark Twain, the dead voter issue has been greatly exaggerated – by everyone involved. Of course dead voters sounds more interesting and is easier for everyone to understand, report on, and react to than voting integrity which requires understanding computers, chain of custody, statistics, and auditing. Here is one of the many reports covering […]

Its The Voters’ Fault – We Couldn’t Erase Their Vote

Disturbing article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Following directions counts in vote. Recent recounts show voter errors can change tally <read> The first disturbing thing is the thrust of the article that the reasons elections get overturned in recounts is the fault of the voters filling out ballots incorrectly. That is one point of view, […]