September 2008

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Downsizing Newspaper Recommends Downsizing Registrars

Most of us would agree that Central Connecticut needs more than one daily newspaper. If there was any doubt it certainly was erased this week. On Monday the “New” Hartford Courant came out with its latest and most drastic downsizing. On Tuesday an editorial suggesting among other things that we should have a single elected […]

Unintended Consequences? Deliberate Voter Suppression?

The Brennan Center and others are reporting that the Social Security Administration is shutting down its system for maintenance for three days, just when it is required for voter registration verification. <read> A recent alert by the Social Security Administration announces that the agency plans to shut down its databases for maintenance from October 11 […]

The Perils of Dependent Investigation

One of the prime objectives our Petition To Enhance Confidence In Connecticut Elections is “Requiring the Independent Audit Review Board”. Here is an example of the questions that can surround an investigation by an elections entity attempting to investigate itself, in Washington, D. C., from the Washington Post, Primary Vote Still Doesn’t Add Up: <read> […]

FAQ: Why Would Anyone Steal A Referendum?

Constitutional Vote Will Not Be Audited

When Connecticut voters go to the polls in November, they will vote on calling a Constitutional Convention. Large groups are aligned for and against the bill with those in charge of the election opposed. Our personal stand for or against the bill is irrelevant. Integrity and confidence in elections is our concern. Our points are […]

Puma Arizona – Some Good News

Things have not been looking good in Puma Arizona. But, some good news is that the Election Integrity Commission is acting to audit ballot security. This is what is supposed to happen with an independent board — when problems are found they are investigated and not ignored or explained away: <read> A Pima County Elections […]

Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits

(Full disclosure: I contributed to, participated in reviewing, and editing this document) Released today at a press conference in Alexandria, VA, after many months of work: These principles were written to guide the design of high-quality post- election audits. They were developed by an ad hoc group comprising many stakeholders, including election officials, public […]

The Future Of Post-Election Auditing? – Faster, More Economical, Greater Confidence

Can we audit or recount by machine, rather than hand-counting? My conditional answer remains a strong NO. However, as we have discussed before it is quite possible in theory to develop voting machines or auxiliary scanners with capabilities that can greatly reduce the cost, while increasing the integrity of audits, and increasing the confidence in […]

Internet Voting — Not Ready For Democracy

Ten Myths In The Nutmeg State – Revised, Downward

We have been distributing our document, Ten Myths About Electronic Voting In Connecticut, since early February to citizens, election officials, and legislators. To date, exactly no (ZERO) errors or inaccuracies have been brought to our attention. But in reviewing the Myths we find that things have changed – for the worse: