November 2008

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The Case Against “The National Popular Vote”

FAQ: Voting Integrity and Constitutional Rights

The right to vote… is the primary right
by which other rights are protected – Thomas Paine

CT: UConn Memory Card Reports: More Info, More “Junk” Data

CT: Secretary Bysiewicz Expresses Staunch Support Of Audits

Greenwich Time, Once again, town faces election audit: <read> Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a staunch advocate for the hand counting of ballots, said that she would oppose any measures to weaken the state’s auditing requirements, which she called the toughest in the nation. “Auditing the election results is critical,” Bysiewicz said. “It is […]

Were You A Poll Worker Nov 4th?

Take this survey. The Verified Voting Foundation and the UC Berkeley Election Administration Research Center have created an online survey of election workers for the November 4th election. If you worked the polls, please consider spending 15-20 minutes taking the survey

CT: Post-Election Audit: 84 Districts, 55 Towns, and 5 Races

Yesterday, I was present as the Secretary of the State held the random drawing of districts to audit.  Later in the day the Secretary ordered that all five State and Federal offices be audited rather than three randomly selected races as required in the law. Here are a couple of sample news articles on the […]

CT: Secretary Of The State, Town Clerks Open To Explore Early Voting

Update: Photo of Secretary Bysiewicz and caption indicating she will look into early voting <view> ***** Westport News: A Concept Worth Exploring <read> Many viewed the long lines as a success for democracy. Well, the record turnout — most notably among younger Americans — sure was. But the lines, no way. In our fast-paced society, […]

CT: Republican Chair Concerned With Election Integrity

CT: Courant: “How Stupid Is This?”

CT: City Hall scene of election day dispute

West Haven News: City Hall scene of election day dispute <read> By Abbe Smith , Special to the News WEST HAVEN – A heated dispute erupted at City Hall early Tuesday when Democratic Registrar of Voters candidate Michelle Hufcut – running unopposed – showed up at the designated polling station in apparent disregard of a […]