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CT IRONY #4: Machine Errors Result In Recounting By Machine

What happens when an post-election audit discovers a large discrepancy in a race that could reverse the election result? A recanvass, defined as a modified optical scanner recount. Possibly some machine problems might be mitigated by such a recanvass, yet if there were an error in memory card programming or an error in the software it is quite likely the same discrepancy would be repeated.

President Appoints Cyber Czar

Our concern is with the disconnect that has otherwise intelligent people concerned with cyber security based on strong evidence, coupled with the almost simultaneous support for voting by Internet, email, and fax.

Voters, Voter Action: Win In Pennsylvania Supreme Court

voters have a right under the Pennsylvania Constitution to reliable and secure voting systems and can challenge the use of electronic voting machines “that provide no way for Electors to know whether their votes will be recognized” through voter verification or independent audit.

Next week it will be Seven – Or more?

“Majority Leader Denise Merrill of Mansfield said Friday that she will be officially announcing her candidacy for Secretary of the State next week.”

Update: “Wild West” election year on top of “Wild West” election management?

And now there are six

Another Candidate for Secretary of the State: Sen Jonathan Harris

Miles Rapoport: Demos Leader and former CT Secretary of the State

A longtime friend profiles Miles Rapoport, former Connecticut Secretary of the State, and Demos.

Secretary of the State Candidate Criticizes Exploratory Committees

In our view exploratory committees represent a loophole in the current public financing law. Candidates can collect and spend huge sums in the name of exploring runs for office. On the other hand, unilateral disarmament can be risky.

West Hartford: Mayor Supports Audits – Would Like State To Pay

“The audit is being done for the best of reasons to protect..to make sure democracy is being done accurately.”

More On Chain-Of-Custody

Last month we commented on reports of chain-of-custody problems in Haddam and on a Courant Editorial on the need for two people of opposing parties whenever ballots are accessed. The problem goes deeper. We sent the following letter to the Courant in the interest of using the breach in Haddam as an educational opportunity.

NY-23: Richard Hayes Phillips Corrects The Record

The author has since learned that only the cumulative results for each contest, not the results for each election district, are actually certified to the State. Thus it is not strictly correct that these negative numbers appeared in the certified results. But they did appear in the district (precinct) totals from which the certified cumulative results were derived.