January 2009

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League Of Women Voters: Report On Election Auditing

Includes many of the same recommendations in the Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits and expands the scope to include auditing of the whole election process.

Report: CT Nov 08 Election – Large Differences From Optical Scanner Totals

We conclude, based on our observations and analysis of audit reports submitted to the Secretary of the State that the November post-election audits still do not inspire confidence…Among our greatest concerns are the discrepancies between machine counts and hand-counts reported to the Secretary of the State by several municipalities. In many cases, these discrepancies are not thoroughly and reasonably explained. We believe that the ad-hoc counting procedures used by many municipalities were not sufficient to count ballots accurately and efficiently

In some cases as many as twenty-four (24) fewer ballots were counted by hand than recorded by optical scanners. For individual candidate races, vote counts between hand counts and scanner tapes varied by as much as three-hundred-sixty-six (366) votes in one race or as much as 46% in another.

We find no reason to attribute all errors to either humans or machines.

Bysiewicz Intends To Run For Governor

“Our economy is in dire straights,” she said. “We have a desperate need for strong leadership in our state. People are looking for new leadership full of action and creative ideas full of vision.”

Be Careful What You Ask For

Article in Akron Beacon Journal expresses concerns with a statewide recount. What about a nationwide recount? What would the National Popular Vote cause?

We have nothing against the well intentioned voters and legislators supporting the National Popular Vote Agreement. We encourage them to recognize and consider the impact of unintended consequences.

Optical Scanners “Extremely Accurate” – In MN

the “gross” error rate is about 1 in 1000, or a gross accuracy of 99.91%.

Another Short Story: Courtney and Working Families Votes Uncounted

Another story of candidates and parties shorted votes. This time it is the Working Families Party and Joe Courtney.

Update 1/15: Add Sherman and Plainfield to the list

Petition Delivered: 994 Connecticut Voters Call For Action

We call for action to enhance integrity and confidence in Connecticut elections, during the 2009 legislative session.

We believe the incremental costs of post-election audits that meet the requirements of the petition are appropriate considering the key role voting plays in democracy. Yet, we recognize that less costly alternatives may need to be considered.

Bysiewicz Slams PEW Report On Military Voting

Secretary Bysiewicz slammed a PEW report on Military voting citing their incorrect information on Connecticut. She also stated strong objections to voting via Internet.

Update 1/16: PEW Director responds, defends report.

IRV: A Grain Of Truth, A Ton Of Bulloney

Could IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) avoid recounts? A slew of stories from Minnesota claim that recounts are a headache and that IRV is the cure.

Recounting Is Not A Problem – Its A Symptom Of Election Integrity in Minnesota