February 2009

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Reminder: We’re Better Off With Optical Scanners

OpEd News reminds us that it could have been much worse. A picture is worth a 1000 words!

What Can Science Do For Us? – Nothing Unless We Pay Attention

This, from Ash’s perspective, represents the crux of the problem. We have sophisticated statistical tools that we rely on for everything from medical research to verifying the flow of money through Las Vegas casinos but we simply haven’t chosen to mandate that they be used to verify election results. Even in cases like the elections in Sarasota, where they were deployed, the results were deemed legally irrelevant unless they provide an indication that election results were distorted by malice or intent. Sloppiness or incompetence, apparently, is acceptable, despite our country’s promise to respect the intent of the voters.

Answer Quick: What Do Premier/Diebold and Wal-Mart Have In Common?

Hint: It is not low prices for computer memory cards.

CA: Bowen Considers Decertifying Premier/Diebold GEMS

CA, Secretary of State Deborah Bowen is considering decertifying the GEMS system. But it’s complex and unclear exactly what decertificaiton would mean. This is another case of being caught between the Glitches and the Gotchas, at the mercy of a broken system of certification and an oligarchy providing inadequate products.

CTVotersCount Testimony To The GAE Committee

Update: We provide Testimony Response & Clarification

The primary issues needing your attention are the post-election audits, ballot chain-of-custody, and the reporting of election results…As you consider the current audit laws and other bills before the committee effecting voting integrity and security, we encourage you to seek the best advice of legal experts, computer experts, security experts, and the experience of other states…What often is an attractive idea, also often has risky unintended consequences as well…

We want every citizen’s vote to be counted!
To be counted accurately!
And to be counted only once!

WSJ Article: Thwarting an Internal Hacker – Not Quite

In the end, systems will always have trusted people who can subvert them.

VoiceOfTheVoters Radio: Electoral College Debate

Last night VoiceOfTheVoters.org held a debate, Electoral College v. National Popular Vote. Unfortunately, most of the debate is the usual partisan arguments. It is an example of Democratic support of the National Popular Vote for the wrong reasons and Republican opposition for equally wrong reasons. The exception is Part 3.

Bills In CT, MD, WA, Risk Security Despite DoD Concerns

Despite the concerns of computer technologists, legislatures in three states are considering military voting via internet, fax, and email. In 2004 the Department of Defense expressed concerns with the security of voting via internet or email, and that all three methods, internet, email, or fax put in question the secret ballot.

Risking voting integrity and the secret ballot for our troops, disenfranchises us all.
Update: Ignoring Science In WA, OpEdNews Article By Ellen Theisen

Another Discrepancy In Reported Vote Totals. And Another.

SOTS Web Site: 2876 + 0 = 2876, Town Clerk: 2862 + 103 = 2965

Update: And in Old Lyme…

Connecticut Voter Fraud Complaint

BradBlog.com story:

EXCLUSIVE: The New Voter Fraud Complaint Filed in CT Against the GOP’s Ann Coulter

New allegations of absentee ballot fraud in ’02 and ’04, follow on her multiple voter fraud crimes in FL in ’05, for which she was never ‘cleared’, as some media have inaccurately reported..