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Internet Voting: One of the Most Serious Threats to Democracy in the 21st Century

Now, President Obama has formally recognized the risks and insecurity of the internet. Given that recognition, the incidents we see reported almost daily, and those viruses that occasionally hit our computers, on what basis can anyone support internet voting?

Same Day Voter Registration Passes Connecticut House

The bill, via an amendment which we understand was passed, provides essentially an absentee ballot for newly registered voters. This is a resonable compromise. We support the bill. However, we point out that absentee ballots centrally counted or hand counted remain exempt from Connecticut’s post-election audits.

MN: Citizens for Election Integity: Audit and Recount Report

The voting machines used in the audited precincts were shown to be accurate. All recount observers felt the counting procedures were accurate and none questioned the integrity of the count. No systematic concerns were raised by observers in the post-election audit or recount. Some procedures are in need of improvement, such as the absentee ballot process.

We look forward to a day when the Connecticut audit results are equally reassuring

Did Hawaii and Honolulu Defy Own Laws, Science, and Common Sense?

Honolulu: Everyone Counts, a vendor, generates publicity for election conducted via internet and telephone.

But wait, there are more problems: Hawaii used Hart Interactive voting machines in 2008, yet they also violate Hawaii law in several ways, including apparently a prohibition on transmitting votes over the internet or phone lines. Now a judge has agreed with a citizen suit and has issued an injunction against their use in 2010.

Update: Voting Drops 83 Percent In All-Digital Election
Update: Look who is behind Everyone Counts

Nov 08 Election Audit Reports – Part 2 – Counting Not Extremely Accurate

We recognize and appreciate that everyone works hard on these programs, performing the audits, and creating these reports including the Registrars, Secretary of the State’s staff, and UConn. We also welcome Secretary Bysiewicz’s committment to solve the problems identified. Yet, we have serious concerns with the credibility of the audits as conduced and their value, as conducted, to provide confidence to the public in the election process.

Nov 08 Election Audit Reports – Part 1 – Bad Cards, Procedural Lapses Continue

This week the University of Connecticut VoTeR Center released reports on post-election audits and memory card testing for the November 2008 election. Today we will highlight and comment on the Memory Card Report.

We should all applaud the unique memory card testing program, yet we must also act aggressively to close the gaps it continues to expose.

Safe Ways To Protect And Speed Military Votes

Protecting the Military Vote. High security, high privacy, low cost. Bills by Republicans in the U.S. Senate and a Democrat in the U.S. House.

National Popular Vote Squeaks Through Connecticut House

Initially defeated by 1 vote, legislators change their votes.

Most votes on this bill are along party lines with Democrats generally for the bill and Republicans generally against the bill. However, there are prominent Democrates who oppose the Agreement including Connecticut Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz and Minnesota Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie.

Ray Hackett: Let citizens decide issue of early voting

Surely Connecticut’s election officials are capable of setting up a system that would provide the necessary safeguards to prevent voter fraud — just like election officials in all those other states have.

Mr. Hacket’s article is balanced, yet there are more details to consider. CTVotersCount took a position as “Conditionally Against” early voting in any form during our testimony at the Legislature earlier this year.

May Elections: Random District Selection for Post Election Audit

May Elections: Random District Selection for Post Election Audit

Connecticut towns must hold municipal elections in May or November of odd years. On May 4th, elections were held and as required by law 10% of districts holding municipal elections are subject to the Post-Election Audit. CTVotersCount attended the drawing this morning, representing the public.

Analysis and Opinion: Some might question the value of such a small audit. Considering the value of elections and statistics, we disagree.