August 2009

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CT Public Financing Law Ruled Unconstitutional

A stay, appeals, and changes in the law may occur.

Update: 9/1/2009 Court grants two week stay.

Why Vote On Paper? Tales from Georgia and Massachusetts

No paper, no problem! Yet, also less integrity and no credibility!

Should There Be Fewer Polling Places For Primaries?

Meriden Record Journal article provides arguments for and against by city registrars and the Secretary of the State.

NY Times Questions Working Families Party Candidate Financing

In an editorial the New York Times questions the relationship between a private corporation and Working Families Party candidates. If their suspicions are correct it may be a way to skirt campaign financing laws.

Aspen Ballots, An Issue For Us All

We side completely with the activists, they are on the side of democracy, integrity, and transparency of government. Beyond a CD ballots should be made available to the public, the actual ballots should be made available to the public.

Hartford: Wasting $ As Usual

Story from Jeffery B. Cohen at the Courant:

.”Working Families Party registrar Urania Petit called Cityline this morning to complain. Her Democratic colleague, Olga Iris Vazquez, hired a six-week, $13-an-hour, temporary employee two weeks ago to help with the September primary.”

EVT/WOTE Conference, Montreal

Monday and Tuesday, the EVT/WOTE Conference was held in Montreal. This tends to be a highly technical conference on potentential voting technologies, security and vulnerabilities in current technology, and related projects. For me it is a mixture of new information relevant voting, interesting technical articles, a time to reflect, and to connect with others involved in causing voting integrity.

Largest Democracy Risks It All On Electronic Voting

” In the absence of such certainty, the entire democratic process would be rendered a mockery. It is to ensure that democracy in its true sense is brought back that AIADMK decided to boycott the by-polls.’’

Video: The Costs of Op-scan vs. DRE’s

In Tennessee they are fighting for optical scan in the Legislature.  Election officials claim that the costs of  paper ballots, audits, and optical scanners is too much.  We hear similar complaints about the costs of paper ballots and audits in Connecticut as well. We recommend watching the video of a legislator as he explains reality […]

Freepress: Morn Election Heroes in U.S. and Phillipines

Bob Fitrakis: The passing of Aquino, the rigging of elections and the need for People Power