September 2009

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Siegleman Election Fraud Claims Another Victim

Once again, justice delayed in justice denied. Elections stolen, but not immediately redressed even worse.

Absentee Ballots Can Be Decisive – yet Unaudited

“Before the absentee ballots were counted last week, Valle led with 266 votes tallied on the voting machines, and Martinez was second with 248 votes. In third place was Valle’s partner Christina Ayala with 245 votes and Manuel Ayala, who was running with Martinez, trailed with 223 votes. But after the absentee ballots were counted, Martinez emerged as the victor with 356 votes and Manuel Ayala, who received 106 absentee votes, leapt to second place slot.”

Audit Random Drawing for the September Municipal Primary

Today, three advocates joined the Secretary of the State and her staff in selecting districts for the post-election audit of the September Municipal Primary.

Are Corporations People? Supreme Court Revisionism?

The Supreme Court will soon make another decision, perhaps giving corporations more rights as people. Or reducing the rights of corporations as people. Such rulings are critical to the limits of corporate free speech, campaign financing, and lobbying etc.

The rights of corprations as persons has a curious history. It seems that providing rights as persons to corporations goes against the intent of the founders. Changes to increase corproate rights would be revisionist. Changes to restrict and rein in corporations would be a return to traditional American Constitutional values.

CTNewsJunkie: Will Lawmakers Fix Campaign Finance Next Week?

Officials discuss fixing campaign finance reform law, or not.

A Day At The Recanvass

When initial election results are close, in Connecticut, there is an automatic recanvass. Loosely, a recanvass is often called a recount. Yesterday we had municipal primary elections in twenty-nine of our one-hundred and sixty-nine towns. I woke up to a Hartford Courant article about a close primary in Cromwell that would be “recounted” at 10:00am today. Although I have observed nineteen post-election audits, I have only attended one previous recanvass and that was a lever machine recount after the November 2006 election. I was available and Cromwell is nearby.

Diebold/ES&S: AntiTrust Investigation and Suit

Senator Schumer requests investigation. Hart files suit.

Hartford Advocate: Public Financing: Waiting For A Solution

An article that covers the concerns of those on all sides of the issue

Songs Of Voting

Plaudits For Audits, The Voting Machine Song, and They Lost My Vote.

Afghan Results Raise Suspicions

Numbers from several polling places raises suspicions, with all votes going to one candidate, lots of round numbers of votes, and more votes than voters. And fake polling sites.