October 2009

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Another Candidate for Secretary of the State?

Opponent charges that Mary Glassman might run for Secretary of the State and resign in a year if she is reelected First Selectman, this fall.

Timely Reminders from Secretary Bysiewicz and CTVotersCount

Referendums and questions are exempt from the Connecticut post-election audit law. However, they are not exempt from the risks of error and fraud.

Another Candidate for Secretary Of The State

Gerry Garcia, a financial adviser, who was 9th Ward alderman from 1996 to 2001, promised to be “a new voice to speak on behalf of Connecticut voters and small businesses.”

Hartford Advocate: A New Day? [For Elections Enforcement]

Views of elections enforcement from Representative Chris Caruso and SEEC Director Al Lenge.

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on Citizens United v. FEC

the Court would have to ignore several time-honored principles that have served for the past two centuries to preserve the public’s respect for and acceptance of its decisions…At the oral argument last month, one justice seemed to suggest that it is perfectly acceptable for a tobacco company to try to defeat a candidate who wants to regulate tobacco, and to use its shareholders’ money to do so.

Low Tech, Computer Hack

Just a little reminder that we can have all the physical security, encryption, open source, and source disclosure in the world. Yet, there are still low tech ways to hack systems available to high school “D students”.

Update: Nationwide: Computers Increase Students’ Temptation To Cheat

Open Source Voting Software Released

Open source has great potential to facilitate voting integrity and independence from sole source voting equipment/software vendors and outsourcing of elections. This particular project is comprehensive including voter registration capabilities and has interest from major players.

Al Lenge Named Director of State Elections Enforcement Commission

Al Lenge, long time Deputy Director of the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) was named Director, replacing retired Director Jeff Garfield.

IRV: Not So Fast, Not So Simple

Tutorial information about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and associated concerns.

The Day: New London has problem with math

Actually it is more a problem of complexity and communications