October 2009

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Soldiers to Choose Risking Democracy on Electronic Voting

The purpose of the secret ballot is not primarily to protect the voter of the ballot, but to protect all voters, and to protect our Democracy.

How Much Are Election Officials Paid In Norwalk?

“This is a little more than we paid in the past but is in line with the pay rate for the temporary workers hired by the Parks Department for giving out beach stickers this summer. It seems to us that it would be discriminatory to have different rates of pay for equivalent office work at City Hall.”

TIME: Galbraith: How the Afghan Election Was Rigged

“Once fraud occurs on the scale of what took place in Afghanistan, it is impossible to untangle.”

We are lucky to hear from Mr. Gailbrath. Had he not been fired, he might have continued to keep quiet

Verified Voting Statement on the Acquisition of Premier Election Solutions

“it raises greater concerns about the security, transparency and cost of elections and creates a profound anti-competitive effect in the shrinking marketplace for voting systems…We can also expect to see substantial increase in vendor control over key contract provisions.”

A Candidate’s View – Early Voting, Vote-By-Mail

A candidate’s view from FL, where early voting has changed the campaign calendar, increased cost, and perhaps reduced voter knowledge along with costing some voters their votes.

Legislature Seriously Considering Fixing Campaign Finance Law

House Speaker Christopher Donovan, D-Meriden, said lawmakers have been busy finishing the budget, but plan to seriously consider addressing the issue.

Greenwich Registrar and Deputy Secretary Mara Discuss Today’s Audit

“We have to make sure these machines are working properly and reliably and counting the votes,” Ms. Mara said.

We would prefer audits that were intended to do more than just check the machines, that they also were intend to verify the election results as well.