February 2010

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Garcia: Small Fundraisers to Qualify For The Citizens Election Program

“Your investment in me today is an investment in a healthy democracy,” Garcia said. He vowed give voice to the voiceless by getting more people to the polls.

Merrill Endorsed By 71 House Dems

The Secretary of the State’s office is “a place where fair and clean elections must be guarded,”

Hearing On Public Financing – Ad Hoc Testimony On Voting Integrity Issue

I debated testifying. The hearing was about the Citizens Election Program. IRV [Instant Runoff Voting] was really off topic. However, this was the first time to my knowledge that IRV has come up in the Legislature. Perhaps with a few words I could express an alternative view before a large number of legislators take a position; so that they would know that there are alternative views and significant concerns.

Insider Fraud In Kentucky

The scheme involved duping people to walk away from the voting computer before they had finished their elections, then changing their choices…White said she also went into the booth with people who had sold their vote to make sure they cast ballots for the candidates who had paid.

Registrar of Voters suit: Alleged to have fudged petitions for herself and relatives

Hartford has three Registrars of Voters: Democratic, Republican, and Working Families Party. Apparently that is hardly enough when each registrar is responsible for their own party’s primary. There is a name for this in Hartford: Business as Usual.

ES&S Diebold Purchase: Groups Endorse Remedies for Unlawful Concentration of Market Power

We are deeply concerned about the public impact of ES&S’s purchase of Diebold’s Premier Election Solutions, Inc… Fortunately, the Federal Government has expedited its research into purchaser ES&S’s accelerated absorption of PESI assets into ES&S and the business goliath’s concerted attempt to achieve a de facto dissolution of PESI before the DOJ can act.

Farrell and Brinson visiting town committees. Abbate dropping out?

The article is focused on the Farrell campaign and a comparison with Brinson campaign, but possibly the most significant news is that according to the party chair, Richard Abbate is not going to continue as a candidate.

Denise Merrill formally enters SOTS race

“With more and more money pouring into politics as it will this year with the recent Supreme Court case it will be increasingly important to protect our electoral process from the potential influence of that money”

Democracy Too Costly for Seymour?

Primaries would run the office an estimated $15,000 each. While primaries are likely to occur, no one’s certain at this point. “I don’t know what I’m going to do in August and that is the key,” said Ron Skurat, the Democratic Registar of Voters… Skurat did the math on the salaries and came up with roughly $6.81 per hour for the work he and Pelletier put in.

In Washburn’s World: Election Records Would Be Public

“I believe there cannot be effective oversight of an election (by an election official or by the public) if any of the election records are a secret.’