April 2010

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Bills Waiting For Action In Last Days Of Session

We expect a lot of our legislators. Lots of bills; too many details receiving too little debate, deliberation, and discussion; too little time in short sessions (and “”long” sessions); with a “part-time” legislature. Typically election laws, critical to democracy, are not the squeaky wheels.

Bysiewicz: “Optical scanners were remarkably accurate”

Remarkable? We do NOT agree that phoning election officials and getting them to agree that they counted inaccurately provides much confidence in the audit, least of all proof that the machines counted accurately. Nor does disregarding incomplete reports create credibility.

Updated: Candidate Withdraws Bounty On Republican Registrations

We tend to agree that it should be illegal. Sounds as bad or worse than some of the things that ACORN was only accused of doing.

Nov 09 Election Audit Reports – Part 2 – Inadequate Counting, Reporting, and Transparency Continue

“The main conclusion of this analysis is that the hand counting remains an error prone activity. In order to enable a more precise analysis, it is recommended that the hand counting precision is substantially improved in future audits. The completeness of the audit reports also need to be addressed…Submitting incomplete audit returns has little value for the auditing process.”

Nov 09 Election Audit Reports – Part 1 – Problems Continue and Some Good News

We should all applaud the unique memory card testing program, yet we must also act aggressively to close the gaps it continues to expose…The good news is that UConn has identified a likely cause of the “junk” data cards. Perhaps a solution is near.

Jon Kantrowitz Talks with Denise Merrill – Discussion of EDR, Early Voting and Vote Counting

John Kantowicz posted comments from a discussion he had with Secretary of the State candidate Denise Merrill on MyLeftNutmeg. This has led to a lively discussion of Election Day Registration (EDR), Early Voting, and Vote Counting with several activists and a registrar joining in the discussion.

West Haven Registrar’s Actions Under Scrutiny

The complaints were filed by Charles Marino, former Democratic registrar of voters, and Deborah Evangelista, who worked 16 years as administrative assistant in the registrar’s office before Hufcut took office…Animosity between Hufcut and Marino goes back to 2008, when Hufcut unseated Marino as Democratic registrar in a heated primary election.

Video: Two Candidates At The JJB Dinner

Gerry Garcia and Denise Merrill, candidates for Secretary of the State at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner (Annual CT Democratic Party Fund Raiser)

On Voting Integrity, Johnny We Hardly Agree With Ye

For the second time in as many weeks, I find myself disagreeing on an election integrity issue with John Nichols of The Nation.

Inadequate Election Day Registration Pilot Nixed

We are conditionally for Election Day Registration and opposed this inadequate bill. Our opposition was based on authorizing a pilot program with inadequate evaluation provisions, piloting an inadequate, disenfranchising voting method.