October 2011

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Secretary of the State’s Online Voting Symposium

An excellent panel of experts on voting technology and the challenges of overseas voting. Credit is due to the panelists, the Secretary, and those who contributed behind the scenes in making this event possible. John Dankowski, of Connecticut Public Broadcasting did an exemplary job of moderating a very civil, thorough debate. If only typical panels and Legislative hearings could be more like this format, interactive, civil, and informative.

CLEARED: East Hampton: State Investigating Possible Misuse Of Absentee Ballots

Complaint Cited ‘Numerous Applications’ For Ballots By Engel Before Police Chief Referendum

UConn Report: Batteries and officials failing faster than previously reported

  Most projects start out slowly, and then sort of taper off.
    – Augustine’s Law #XL

Bridgeport: Early ballots bring victories, sometimes fraud

In Bridgeport, a hallmark of Democratic Party politics has been the aggressive use of absentee ballots — so aggressive, in fact, that more than a dozen consent decrees have been signed since 1988 with the State Elections Enforcement Commission stemming from allegations of wrongdoing by party operatives.

Too Many Registrars? Or Too Little Thought?

We agree that Connecticut would likely be better off with regional, civil-service, professional election administration. Such a change requires much thought and planning, just like the consolidation of Probate Court. That is not what the Courant is proposing. The Editorial Board also demonstrates a great lack of creativity suggesting that each registrar in Hartford must be paid $80,000 and have a deputy. As we have suggested before, three registrars could each be part time, paid less, and/or do the job with fewer deputies.

Good, Timely News: Military Voting Jumped Last Year

Partially implemented MOVE Act resulting in more military voting and registering than the general populace!

Voting more vulnerable than ATM’s – That’s not saying much

No reason to say “It can’t happen here”.

Hartford Registrars: Fighting Disrupts City Office

Squabbling between the city’s three [registrars of voters] has become so disruptive that Mayor Pedro Sagarra wrote them a formal letter asking them to work out their differences. He even offered to personally convene a meditation session to help

Bridgeport Post-Election Audit Drawing

Yesterday three districts were drawn for the post-election audit of the Bridgeport Primary. Due to a court order delaying the primary, following the law required a separate drawing of 10% of the districts in Bridgeport.

Justice John Paul Stevens: Bush v. Gore, “frivolous”

Stevens recalls talking to fellow Justice Stephen Breyer about Bush’s suit – and them both agreeing that, “the application was frivolous… To secure a stay, a litigant must show that one is necessary to prevent an … irreparable injury. Bush’s attorneys had failed to make any such showing.”