June 2012

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Online tool to assist in absentee vote applications, available NOW!

We created this tool so that anyone who wishes to vote can be assisted – whether it be a traveling executive, a working parent, a home-bound person, or a college student away from home,

Registrar error. Will candidate and public get same redress as similar fraud case?

We believe that the law should be followed, but in cases like this courts should normally rule in favor of candidates that do their part in complying with the law and clearly have the support required. Last year in similar circumstances, with allegations of fraud and a clear conflict of interest a court ruled in favor of the candidate

Who lost in the Massachusetts Special Election?

An article in Metro West brings home the points discussed here in two recent posts.

Governor vetoes bill with email/fax voting “rat”

Such rats risk bills being occasionally vetoed, yet more often fuel criticism of the the Legislature and serve to make citizens disgusted with Government in general.

I do not support any mechanism of voting that would require an individual to waive his or her constitutional rights in order to cast a timely, secret ballot, even if such waiver is voluntary…allowing an individual to email or fax an absentee ballot has not been proven to be secure.
– Dannel P. Malloy, Governor


Official Audit Report – provides no confidence in officials and machines

Once again, the report is “Flawed by a lack of transparency, incomplete data, and assumed accuracy”

UConn paper warns of limitations of cryptography

Use of good tools must go hand-in-hand with good use of tools

“Chicken Littles” win in Colorado: Ironically, a new official Privileged Class

Those of us in the non-privileged majority will not have access to voted ballots until after elections are certified — too late, citizen activists persuasively argue, for effective public oversight. Many of those activists, it should be noted, have followed election issues closely for years and know a thing or two about them, too.

What We Worry Wisconsin! – Look ma no audits!

Wisconsin reminds us of the highest purpose of post-election audits. And that having paper ballots alone is insufficient.

Letter: Email, Fax Voting Provisions Mar Campaign Bill

Many citizens and legislators do not understand that email voting is a risky form of Internet voting and that fax voting presents equivalent risks. If the system worked as it should, there would have been public hearings and a chance to educate our senators and representatives.

Newspapers join CTVotersCount, ACLU, and CBIA in objections to H.B. 5556

CTVotersCount opposes H.B. 5556 and has urged Governor Malloy to veto the bill because it contains a provision for risky, unconstitutional email and fax voting.