How To NOT Instill Confidence In Election Integrity

one of the voting machines had broken down Tuesday evening, forcing poll workers to switch to a separate machine to count the remaining ballots. Some of the ballots had been photocopied because election officials believed they had run out of the official ballots. It was later revealed that officials had more than 1,000 unused ballots locked in the registrar of voters’ office.

MA: Talk – A Poor Substitute For Integrity?

Don’t Count Your Ballots Up in Massachusetts. That Sort Of Thing Just Isn’t Done.

Jammed voting machine misses six ballots in close race. We say “Maybe, maybe not”.

Post-Election Audit Random Drawing

Today, three members of CTVotersCount drew 10% (60 districts) of 600 districts in the November election for the post-election audits.
Many towns ask why the are chosen so often?

Reminders from CTVotersCount, Secretary Bysiewicz and the Waterbury Republican

Close races prove votes matter.
Voters matter
Election Integrity Matters
Recanvasses are not what we would call recounts.

Is A Democracy Index In Our Future?

The American Democracy Index Act (H.R.4033) seeks to improve election administration throughout the United States by ranking states on election performance and comparing best and worst practices.

A Day As Absentee Ballot Moderator

This election day was spent as moderator for central counting of absentee ballots, once again, in Vernon, CT. I tend to learn by reading and doing. In 2008, I became a Certified Moderator and served my 1st time as an election official. As I said at the time:

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand. – Confucius

Secretary of the State’s Letter To Senator Schumer RE: Premier, ES&S

“We are concerned that this transaction will unduly stifle competition across the country and for Connecticut in a number of significant ways.”

Statisticians, Political Scientists, Election Officials, and Advocates Recommendations to NIST

“We strongly recommend that the next version of the VVSG support auditing election outcomes by facilitating small-batch reporting in standardized electronic reporting formats, and usable voter-verifiable cast vote records.”

Another Candidate for Secretary of the State?

Opponent charges that Mary Glassman might run for Secretary of the State and resign in a year if she is reelected First Selectman, this fall.

Timely Reminders from Secretary Bysiewicz and CTVotersCount

Referendums and questions are exempt from the Connecticut post-election audit law. However, they are not exempt from the risks of error and fraud.

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