Bysewicz Endorses Federal Bill To Improve Military and Overseas Voting

We continue to agree with Secretary Bysiewicz on military and overseas voting. There is room for improvement in ballot access for military and overseas voters. There are several bill in Washington D.C. aimed at improving the situation. This bill provides for sensible actions without moving toward risky internet, fax or email in voting.

A Better Alternative To Election Day Registration?

An alternative is available that would eclipse Election Day Registration (EDR), while fixing our inaccurate voter registration databases and save government expenses.

Update: New York Times Editorial endorses

ACTION: Ask Your Representative To Co-Sponsor Election Confidence “Holt” Bill

Rush Holt introduced a new and improved Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, H.R. 2894. There are 77 Co-Sponsors. If you live in the 2nd, 3rd, or 5th District, please ask your Representative: Courtney, DeLauro, or Murphy to add their names as Co-Sponsors.

Is Early Voting A Good Idea For Connecticut?

Connecticut (like the other New England states) is not Minnesota. Most states have county election management, while New England has town election management. We are concerned that it could be a costly, risky proposition. Here are our major reservations:

Mark Ritchie: A recount to make Minnesota proud

“I believe Minnesota has set a new standard of excellence not only in how we administer elections, but also in how we conduct fair and transparent recounts. I am not alone in that belief.”

Electronic Medical Records vs. Electronic Voting

“There are many wrong ways to make this transition. If history is any indicator, unless a concerted effort is made to require proper protection, the new medical systems will be no better than the insecure voting machines that many states have purchased.”

Questions for Secretary of the State Candidates

Over time we are developing some elections oriented questions we would ask every candidate for the office of Secretary of the State. This is our current draft of some open-ended, yet sometimes detailed questions, updated as of 12/13/2009.

Secretary of The State Candidate, Corey Brinson, Interview On Face The State

Sunday morning, Secretary of the State Candidate Corey Brinson was interview by Dennis House on Face The State at WFSB.

Editor’s Note: 2010 Secretary of the State Election

We intend to provide comprehensive coverage of the 2010 Connecticut Secretary of the State race, highlighting news reports, interviews and issues, yet sticking primarily to comments on relevant to election management and election integrity.

Our bias when it comes to choosing a Secretary of the State, is that election responsibilities are the cart, the horse, and most of the content of the office where a Secretary can make differences, both positive or negative.

Connecticut Will Not Be Illinois or New York

Governor Jodi Rell signed the bill for elections to fill Senate vacancies.

Our senators matter. It is worth the estimated $6,000,000 cost of such elections, where our senators make decisions involving billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Such “Special Elections” should not be exempt (as they currently are) from the small cost and huge value of post-election audits. Such elections are not exempt from the risks of error and fraud.