Which party deserves top spot on archaic Connecticut ballot?

UPDATED – Court Challenge

The state legislature’s top Republicans charged Thursday that GOP candidates should have been placed at the top of the ballot during last fall’s municipal elections, and challenged Connecticut’s chief elections official to correct the matter before the state elections this November.

Everything you wanted to know about voter ID, including Connecticut

REMINDER: Most voters do not need a voter ID in Connecticut.(but it is easier if you bring one) Some 1st time registrants do under the Help America Vote Act.

Registrar error. Will candidate and public get same redress as similar fraud case?

We believe that the law should be followed, but in cases like this courts should normally rule in favor of candidates that do their part in complying with the law and clearly have the support required. Last year in similar circumstances, with allegations of fraud and a clear conflict of interest a court ruled in favor of the candidate

Governor vetoes bill with email/fax voting “rat”

Such rats risk bills being occasionally vetoed, yet more often fuel criticism of the the Legislature and serve to make citizens disgusted with Government in general.

I do not support any mechanism of voting that would require an individual to waive his or her constitutional rights in order to cast a timely, secret ballot, even if such waiver is voluntary…allowing an individual to email or fax an absentee ballot has not been proven to be secure.
– Dannel P. Malloy, Governor


Official Audit Report – provides no confidence in officials and machines

Once again, the report is “Flawed by a lack of transparency, incomplete data, and assumed accuracy”

UConn paper warns of limitations of cryptography

Use of good tools must go hand-in-hand with good use of tools

Letter: Email, Fax Voting Provisions Mar Campaign Bill

Many citizens and legislators do not understand that email voting is a risky form of Internet voting and that fax voting presents equivalent risks. If the system worked as it should, there would have been public hearings and a chance to educate our senators and representatives.

Newspapers join CTVotersCount, ACLU, and CBIA in objections to H.B. 5556

CTVotersCount opposes H.B. 5556 and has urged Governor Malloy to veto the bill because it contains a provision for risky, unconstitutional email and fax voting.

NIST: Internet voting not yet feasible. (And neither are email and fax voting)

Use of fax poses the fewest challenges, however fax offers limited protection for voter privacy. While the threats to telephone, e-mail, and web can be mitigated through the use of procedural and technical security controls, they are still more serious and challenging to overcome.

Courant does So-So fact check of its latest editorial

The nation’s oldest continuously downsizing newspaper did a So-So job of fact checking its latest editorial, reviewing the legislative session. Here is our analysis, which actually is the Courant’s Report Card: Accuracy: C-; History: F; Prognosis: F

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