Where Common Sense fails: Do insider attacks require a sophisticated conspiracy?

In this post, we address where Common Sense fails. Where what seems obvious to individuals and election officials is often counter to the facts or science. Those that are unfamiliar with technology and a specific area of science often overestimate how difficult or easy specific things are to accomplish.

CT IRONY #4: Machine Errors Result In Recounting By Machine

What happens when an post-election audit discovers a large discrepancy in a race that could reverse the election result? A recanvass, defined as a modified optical scanner recount. Possibly some machine problems might be mitigated by such a recanvass, yet if there were an error in memory card programming or an error in the software it is quite likely the same discrepancy would be repeated.

IRV: Not So Fast, Not So Simple

Tutorial information about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and associated concerns.

IRV: A Grain Of Truth, A Ton Of Bulloney

Could IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) avoid recounts? A slew of stories from Minnesota claim that recounts are a headache and that IRV is the cure.

Recounting Is Not A Problem – Its A Symptom Of Election Integrity in Minnesota

FAQ: When Do We Worry About Money?

The Perils Of No Excuse Absentee Voting

The Case Against “The National Popular Vote”

FAQ: Voting Integrity and Constitutional Rights

The right to vote… is the primary right
by which other rights are protected – Thomas Paine

Video: Hacking Voting Machine in 6min 51sec

Princeton Professor Andrew Appel hacks voting machine in 6 min and 51 sec for CNN host: <video> Anyone familiar with Connecticut’s Diebold AccuVote-OS would be able to beat that 6 min and 51 sec, especially if they had a copy of one of the keys for the machine (hint they are all the same key, […]

FAQ: Actions You Can Take To Insure Your Vote Is Counted

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