Post-Election Audits

Nov 09 Election Audit Reports – Part 1 – Problems Continue and Some Good News

We should all applaud the unique memory card testing program, yet we must also act aggressively to close the gaps it continues to expose…The good news is that UConn has identified a likely cause of the “junk” data cards. Perhaps a solution is near.

Municipal Primary Post-Election Audit Drawing

There were 33 districts in the recent primary, so 4 or 10% were selected for audit. We also selected one alternate. Given the number of districts in Hartford, New Haven, and West Haven it is not surprising that they were selected.

Nov 09 Election Observation Report – Improvement, Yet Still Unsatisfactory

The Coalition noted significant differences between results reported by optical scanners and the hand count of ballots by election officials across Connecticut. Compared to previous audits, the Coalition noted small incremental improvements in the attention to detail, following procedures, and in the chain-of-custody.

In this report, we conclude that the November post-election audits still do not inspire confidence. We find no reason to attribute all errors to either humans or machines.

West Hartford: Mayor Supports Audits – Would Like State To Pay

“The audit is being done for the best of reasons to make sure democracy is being done accurately.”

Reporting Error In Westport News Story

This report from Westport deserves attention because it is actual reporting by a reporter at the audit, it makes one significant error, and it has been linked from some national voting news sites.

Post-Election Audit Random Drawing

Today, three members of CTVotersCount drew 10% (60 districts) of 600 districts in the November election for the post-election audits.
Many towns ask why the are chosen so often?

Statisticians, Political Scientists, Election Officials, and Advocates Recommendations to NIST

“We strongly recommend that the next version of the VVSG support auditing election outcomes by facilitating small-batch reporting in standardized electronic reporting formats, and usable voter-verifiable cast vote records.”

Timely Reminders from Secretary Bysiewicz and CTVotersCount

Referendums and questions are exempt from the Connecticut post-election audit law. However, they are not exempt from the risks of error and fraud.

How Much Are Election Officials Paid In Norwalk?

“This is a little more than we paid in the past but is in line with the pay rate for the temporary workers hired by the Parks Department for giving out beach stickers this summer. It seems to us that it would be discriminatory to have different rates of pay for equivalent office work at City Hall.”

Greenwich Registrar and Deputy Secretary Mara Discuss Today’s Audit

“We have to make sure these machines are working properly and reliably and counting the votes,” Ms. Mara said.

We would prefer audits that were intended to do more than just check the machines, that they also were intend to verify the election results as well.

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