Post-Election Audits

How Much Are Election Officials Paid In Norwalk?

“This is a little more than we paid in the past but is in line with the pay rate for the temporary workers hired by the Parks Department for giving out beach stickers this summer. It seems to us that it would be discriminatory to have different rates of pay for equivalent office work at City Hall.”

Greenwich Registrar and Deputy Secretary Mara Discuss Today’s Audit

“We have to make sure these machines are working properly and reliably and counting the votes,” Ms. Mara said.

We would prefer audits that were intended to do more than just check the machines, that they also were intend to verify the election results as well.

Absentee Ballots Can Be Decisive – yet Unaudited

“Before the absentee ballots were counted last week, Valle led with 266 votes tallied on the voting machines, and Martinez was second with 248 votes. In third place was Valle’s partner Christina Ayala with 245 votes and Manuel Ayala, who was running with Martinez, trailed with 223 votes. But after the absentee ballots were counted, Martinez emerged as the victor with 356 votes and Manuel Ayala, who received 106 absentee votes, leapt to second place slot.”

Audit Random Drawing for the September Municipal Primary

Today, three advocates joined the Secretary of the State and her staff in selecting districts for the post-election audit of the September Municipal Primary.

Songs Of Voting

Plaudits For Audits, The Voting Machine Song, and They Lost My Vote.

ACTION: Ask Your Representative To Co-Sponsor Election Confidence “Holt” Bill

Rush Holt introduced a new and improved Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, H.R. 2894. There are 77 Co-Sponsors. If you live in the 2nd, 3rd, or 5th District, please ask your Representative: Courtney, DeLauro, or Murphy to add their names as Co-Sponsors.

Connecticut Will Not Be Illinois or New York

Governor Jodi Rell signed the bill for elections to fill Senate vacancies.

Our senators matter. It is worth the estimated $6,000,000 cost of such elections, where our senators make decisions involving billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Such “Special Elections” should not be exempt (as they currently are) from the small cost and huge value of post-election audits. Such elections are not exempt from the risks of error and fraud.

Two CT Reps Co-Sponsor Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act

Today Representative Rush Holt introduced a new and improved Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, H.R. 2894. CTVotersCount appreciates Representatives John Larson and Jim Himes for signing on as initial co-sponsors.

Update: New York Times Endorses Holt Bill: “The House leadership should make passing Mr. Holt’s bill a priority. Few issues matter as much as ensuring that election results can be trusted.”

Results of Post-Election Audit of the May 4th Municipal Election

This time we agree with the Secretary of the State on the post-election audit results in Naugatuck. Both people and machines can count very accurately. That is what we should always expect of election officials.

MN: Citizens for Election Integity: Audit and Recount Report

The voting machines used in the audited precincts were shown to be accurate. All recount observers felt the counting procedures were accurate and none questioned the integrity of the count. No systematic concerns were raised by observers in the post-election audit or recount. Some procedures are in need of improvement, such as the absentee ballot process.

We look forward to a day when the Connecticut audit results are equally reassuring

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