Chain of Custody

Talk Nation Radio – Fix Security Issues By Nov

Another excellent Talk Nation Radio <read listen> Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Professor Alex Shvartsman, Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara, and Connecticut Registrars discuss problems with the voting machines and security protocols set up to use them. The Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara reported nineteen voting machine failures last year, but at least some failures […]

Norwich GAE Hearing

Testimony submitted and posted at GAE site. Update: Testimony of Beth Angel, East Hampton <read> in my hometown, East Hampton, at the last municipal election. The results of the election required a recount effort, which ended up necessitating 3 recounts. Each recount delivered differing results from the initial count after the November 6 election. Those […]

Public Input Sought On New Voting System

Stamford Advocate discusses Public hearings starting next week. <read> See the schedule our our Calendar. “We’ve got to do everything humanly possible to ensure the integrity of the electoral process. I think it’s incumbent upon us to be vigilant and seek information from the public,” said state Rep. Chris Caruso, D-Bridgeport, chairman of the General […]

e-Democracy Symposium – Recounting/Auditing By Machine – The Devil Is In The Details

Yesterday I attended the spring symposium at the UConn Law School by the Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal: e-Democracy: Democratic Values In A Digital Age. There were three panels: Campaigning On The Web The Mechanics of Voting Political Speech and the Internet I found all three very interesting. Christine Stuart has an excellent article on […]

Legislature To Hold Public Hearings On Optical Scan Elections

The leadership of the Government Administration and Elections Committee(GAE) announced a series of five public hearings at a press conference yesterday. One hearing will be held in each of the five congressional districts in the state. Towns where the hearings will be held were announced with no specific dates or locations. Their goal is to […]

TalkNationRadio: Interview with Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara on Voting Machine Glitches: Breaking News re LHS Violations and State Elections

Another very informative show <read/listen>

TalkNationRadio – Raindrops Keep Falling

This week’s TalkNationRadio by Dori Smith, Raindrops Keep falling on Connecticut’s Diebold Voting Machines: <read and listen> Interviews with Connecticut Registrars, Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara, and True Vote Connecticut member George Barnett.  Coverage of the November 6th election and the problems with wet ballots. Former corporate auditor George Barnett: ‘In 2006 twenty eight […]

FAQ – How can the scanner be hacked? It is kept in a canvas bag protected by a tamper-evident seal!

Candidate’s rivals bothered by company’s role with voting machines

Update: 10/16 More News From New Britain: Party’s changes in ballots stress election chiefs Apparently Higher Pay does not prevent stress. New Britain Herold story by Rick Guinness – Are voting machines protected properly? The article and the quotes from individuals involved open more questions than they answer. It is clear that Gerry Amodio is […]

Bev Harris Discusses Vulnerabilities in Bridgeport

Bev Harris of has posted a stimulating discussion of the election in Bridgeport and our vulnerabilities. Not the kind of national publicity we should be proud of in the Constitution State: <read> Bev alleges no known illegalities or incorrect vote counts, but points to the vulnerabilities of our custody procedures, the sealing of our […]

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