Elections Performance Task Force: Technology Fair and Doug Chapin

You can have little to no impact on your turn-out bottom line with election laws. Turnout tends to be driven by what’s on the ballot rather than when, where, or how it is available. – Doug Chapin

EVT/WOTE: Design a complete voting system, then ask vendors to satisfy needs.

Letter: Feedback after first meeting of the Election Performance Task Force

Having reviewed the video, minutes, and the proposed items to be addressed by the task force, we offer the attached general and specific comments and suggestions in a constructive spirit, to forward your efforts to achieve the democratic goals that we all hold dear.

Update: Greenwich Audit: Is it worth $1200 $480?

Greenwich Time article: Greenwich picked – yet again – to audit primary results. Greenwich registrars and Secretary of the State debate value of audit and random selection of Greenwich.

Plus – Registrar and we agree: Audit Absentee Ballots Too!

Democracy Too Costly for Seymour?

Primaries would run the office an estimated $15,000 each. While primaries are likely to occur, no one’s certain at this point. “I don’t know what I’m going to do in August and that is the key,” said Ron Skurat, the Democratic Registar of Voters… Skurat did the math on the salaries and came up with roughly $6.81 per hour for the work he and Pelletier put in.

West Hartford: Mayor Supports Audits – Would Like State To Pay

“The audit is being done for the best of reasons to make sure democracy is being done accurately.”

Registrars Say, Optical Scanners Provide Opportunity for Savings

Not only does the new optical scanning voting equipment make a trip to the polling place faster, it will also help the registrars of voters save money as the town moves from eight polling places to six in November.

Hartford: Wasting $ As Usual

Story from Jeffery B. Cohen at the Courant:

.”Working Families Party registrar Urania Petit called Cityline this morning to complain. Her Democratic colleague, Olga Iris Vazquez, hired a six-week, $13-an-hour, temporary employee two weeks ago to help with the September primary.”

Video: The Costs of Op-scan vs. DRE’s

In Tennessee they are fighting for optical scan in the Legislature.  Election officials claim that the costs of  paper ballots, audits, and optical scanners is too much.  We hear similar complaints about the costs of paper ballots and audits in Connecticut as well. We recommend watching the video of a legislator as he explains reality […]

Diebold: Revenue way down. $25,000,000 settlement proposed

Results included a $25 million charge for a deal Diebold reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle civil charges related to a pending enforcement inquiry. The proposed settlement still needs final SEC approval.

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