Video: The Costs of Op-scan vs. DRE’s

In Tennessee they are fighting for optical scan in the Legislature.  Election officials claim that the costs of  paper ballots, audits, and optical scanners is too much.  We hear similar complaints about the costs of paper ballots and audits in Connecticut as well. We recommend watching the video of a legislator as he explains reality […]

Diebold: Revenue way down. $25,000,000 settlement proposed

Results included a $25 million charge for a deal Diebold reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle civil charges related to a pending enforcement inquiry. The proposed settlement still needs final SEC approval.

It Pays To Complain – Election Officials Complain, Diebold Makes Public Pay

Humboldt County, CA found problems with the Dieblod GEMS system which it intended to replace, while it intended to continue to use its Diebold voter registration system.  Now it is left with 90 days to find another solution as Dieblod executes its option to terminate its support of the county.   Hard to interpret this as […]

What Did The November 2008 Post-Election Audit Cost?

How much did our November audit cost? Election officials and towns complain about the cost of the audits and that they threaten town budgets.

No matter what your politics, you can find many many votes in Hartford, Washington, or your town that you disagree with, costing one way or another more than the cost of an audit. What is the value of confidence that all those officials were elected without error or fraud?

Sparks Fly Over Threat To Cut Registrars’ Hours In Half

In the proposed 2009-10 operating budget, Karen Doyle Lyons and Stuart Wells, the Republican and Democratic registrars of voters, respectively, are facing having their pay cut from $46,800 to $23,800.

FAQ: When Do We Worry About Money?

CT: Courant: “How Stupid Is This?”

Downsizing Newspaper Recommends Downsizing Registrars

Most of us would agree that Central Connecticut needs more than one daily newspaper. If there was any doubt it certainly was erased this week. On Monday the “New” Hartford Courant came out with its latest and most drastic downsizing. On Tuesday an editorial suggesting among other things that we should have a single elected […]

The Future Of Post-Election Auditing? – Faster, More Economical, Greater Confidence

Can we audit or recount by machine, rather than hand-counting? My conditional answer remains a strong NO. However, as we have discussed before it is quite possible in theory to develop voting machines or auxiliary scanners with capabilities that can greatly reduce the cost, while increasing the integrity of audits, and increasing the confidence in […]

Caught Between The Glitches and The Gotyas

We have been covering a significant report by, Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections. , the report summarizes the bind Connecticut and other states are in: Violations of Federal Law Leave States in a Double Bind. The federal government fails to meet its HAVA deadlines for giving guidance to the states on […]