Feinstein to Voters: Waste $, jeopardize Democracy.

Update: Take Action: E-Mail our Senators to oppose S. 3212 <read and send> This is especially important because Senator Dodd is on the committee and the hearing is this week! The well intentioned but flawed 2002 Help America Vote Act launched the large scale move to electronic voting. Many states have paperless DREs (Touch Screens), […]

Testing/Inspecting For Democracy Is Too Much Work

Why bother inspecting restaurants, bridges, trucks, and voting machines? It is just too difficult and costly. While Connecticut is way behind in inspecting restaurants as we have been with bridges and trucks, we fit right into the trend evidenced by two national stories – the Election Assistance Commission finds its just too hard on vendors […]

Senators Feinstein and Bennett Plan To Unite Voting Integrity Advocates

Another effort in a long history of knee-jerk reactions to address public concern with voting by throwing expensive, inadequate, unproven, and unnecessary technology at the problem. The better solution is a stronger “Holt” bill banning DRE’s, mandating paper ballots, and strong, effective audits. Senators Feinstein and Bennett issued a press release purporting to enhance voting […]

Cost Of Touch Screens (Up To 8x The Cost of Op Scan)

Kim Zetter covers the costs of touch screens in Maryland in the Wired article, The Cost of E-Voting, <read> We are proud of our support of optical scan for Connecticut. In addition to being safer and more auditable, they cost Connecticut about 1/2 as much to purchase and are even more economical to maintain and […]

Ten Myths In The Nutmeg State

Ten Myths About Electronic Voting In Connecticut: Myth #1 – Connecticut has the toughest and strongest audit law in the country because we audit 10%.

Correction: What Do Elections Cost?

I recently wrote elsewhere that: A good audit costs $.25 to at most $.50 per ballot cast – (less than the cost of one mailing by a candidate or one of those newsletters from our state representatives and senators) The costs of running an election is over $3.00 to $20.00 per ballot cast Candidates spend […]

DemocracyNow! Interviews New York Times Author

<read, listen, view> More scary and devastating than reading the article in the New York Times Magazine. Still does not fully address the similar issues of optical scan which are only solved with sufficient post-election audits. Yes, recounts of the paper from optical scan is vary reassuring, yet recounts are seldom done, even in cases […]

Greenwich Complains: Democracy Too Much Work. Too Expensive.

We often hear election officials and politicians lamenting the lack of participation in Democracy, especially in Connecticut. We also hear that our late primary leaves us out of the process of selecting the Presidential candidates. Secretary Bysiewicz, to the appreciation of many, has led the charge to move our primary to February from March. Not […]

LHS Drops Support For 41 Mass Communities

Worcester Telegram: Election technology needs update, Vendor won’t service city’s current system <read> City Clerk David J. Rushford said LHS Associates of Methuen, the company that provides technical support for the city’s election system, has indicated it will cease providing such support for the generation of Accu-Vote System machines used by the city as of […]

Harftord Courant: Vote Recounts Prove Tedious, Time-Consuming

We are likely to see more articles like the one in the Courant today: Vote Recounts Prove Tedious, Time-Consuming, <read>. General comments on the article: We arrived at this point by knee-jerk reactions in Washington, resulting in the Help America Vote Act and little heed to advocates in Hartford when the audit law was written […]

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