Electronic Vulnerability

Doth The Courant Protest Too Much?

Perhaps there is one thing worse than a voting system we cannot trust, outsourced, and unaudited. It is a media we cannot trust, downsized, outsourced, bent only on profits, oligarchical, and failing to actually do the work necessary to do the research and reporting necessary for democracy.

DemocracyNow! Interviews New York Times Author

<read, listen, view> More scary and devastating than reading the article in the New York Times Magazine. Still does not fully address the similar issues of optical scan which are only solved with sufficient post-election audits. Yes, recounts of the paper from optical scan is vary reassuring, yet recounts are seldom done, even in cases […]

Hacking Our Voting Machines and The Perils Of Outsourcing

Bev Harris has a new video on UTube showing the Hursti Hack in Florida with Ion Sancho and some testimony in New Hampshire by Hari Hursti and John Silvestro. John Silvestro is President of LHS Associates the Diebold distributor in that programs all our elections in Connecticut in secret in Massachusetts. Apparently in New Hampshire […]

New York Times: Can You Count On Voting Machines?

New York Times Magazine article today, Can You Count On Voting Machines? <read> This is a large, significant article primarily focused on touch screen voting machines. Hailed by advocates as significant because the New York Times is recognizing problems with voting machines. Yet, also criticized by advocates for selective quotes and statements that do not […]

New York Times: Broken Polls

New York Times Editorial, Broken Polls <read> Election officials hate to admit how vulnerable their voting systems are to errors and vote theft. .. Election officials across the country should be asking the sort of tough questions Ms. Brunner and Mr. Coffman have. In 2000, the nation only confronted the flaws in its voting technology […]

Brad Friedman Interviews Ohio Secretary Of State — Discusses Concerns With Central Scan Solution

In a follow-up to the Ohio voting machine reports and the dramatic action of Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, Brad Friedman interviews her about the report, her critics, and concerns with the solution of central count optical scan. <read> Note:  Connecticut does use central count optical scan, only for absentee ballots.  Perhaps less of […]

Ohio Report: Eliminate Precinct Count Optical Scan

Report recommends votes central count optical scan voting <read> Update: The Free Press discusses the report and we point out implications for Connecticut. Read after the following update. Update: Microsolve Executive Summary Report <read> To summarize, if you are concerned about the safety of your medical records or credit card information – the threat to […]

Comparing Voting Computers To Electric Meters

We often hear voting computers compared to ATMs. We have debunked< the notion that Voting Computers can be trusted like ATMs. Today an article by the Courant's consumer watchdog, George Gombossy, Once Again Meter Madness, has me considering how Connecticut’s Voting Computers and Electric Meters are the same and different.

Secretary of State Questions Electronic Voting

Electronic voting systems …still aren’t good enough to be trusted with the state’s elections, … she admitted having doubts as to whether the electronic voting systems will ever meet the standards she believes are needed … “I don’t rule out the ingenuity of some computer science student now in the eighth grade,” but what’s available […]

TalkNationRadio: Memory Card Junk Data and LHS Replacement – Integrity of Testing Procedures in Doubt

UConn is charged with testing a random sample of memory cards sent to registrars to be used in the election. If the actual cards used are replacements sent by LHS after the random card is sent to UConn, then there is no guarantee that the cards tested by Dr. Shvartsman were the same as those […]

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