Electronic Vulnerability

Secretary of State Questions Electronic Voting

Electronic voting systems …still aren’t good enough to be trusted with the state’s elections, … she admitted having doubts as to whether the electronic voting systems will ever meet the standards she believes are needed … “I don’t rule out the ingenuity of some computer science student now in the eighth grade,” but what’s available […]

TalkNationRadio: Memory Card Junk Data and LHS Replacement – Integrity of Testing Procedures in Doubt

UConn is charged with testing a random sample of memory cards sent to registrars to be used in the election. If the actual cards used are replacements sent by LHS after the random card is sent to UConn, then there is no guarantee that the cards tested by Dr. Shvartsman were the same as those […]

FAQ: Framing The Issue: Did the Machine Perform Flawlessly?

(Note: I have benefited from reading and contemplating the concept of framing issues from the linguist George ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ Lakoff founder of Rockridge Institute and cultural anthropologist Jeffrey Feldman, founder of the frameshop. While contemplating press reports on the recent election in a moment of sudden inspiration, I realized everyone has been […]

Voting Machine Mess Can’t Just Be Fixed by Congressional Bills

Excellent article by Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute.  It is not just progressives that understand the problems with electronic voting. In addition to outlining some of the problems, Mr. Ornstein also articulates very well the business reasons why voting machines and ATM’s are different, not just in their function but in the market […]

Dori Smith Reports At Brad Blog

Dori Smith of TalkNationRadio.org provides a report on Connecticut issues at Brad Blog.  A summary of her excellent broadcasts this fall, along with the issues raised  for Connecticut by memory card problems with the Diebold Premier AccuVote-OS optical scanners in Florida. Diebold Optical-Scan Failures Reported in Florida May be Affecting Connecticut As Well  <read>

TalkNationRadio – Raindrops Keep Falling

This week’s TalkNationRadio by Dori Smith, Raindrops Keep falling on Connecticut’s Diebold Voting Machines: <read and listen> Interviews with Connecticut Registrars, Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara, and True Vote Connecticut member George Barnett.  Coverage of the November 6th election and the problems with wet ballots. Former corporate auditor George Barnett: ‘In 2006 twenty eight […]

Fox News iTeam: Cuyahoga County Diebold E-Voting Machines

A six minute report form Cuyahoga Ohio covering Diebold and the California reports. A recommended short introduction to the issues! <UTUBE Video> Its almost as if you give someone your keys and yet they are able to hotwire your car faster than putting the key in the ignition – Candice Hoke

Bysiewicz Trashes Levers – Minimizes Vulnerabilities

Susan Bysiewicz held a press conference to symbolically trash a lever voting machine and raise voter confidence in the implementation of our new voting machines. We applaud her formal announcement of the testing of memory cards by UConn, however, we beg to disagree with the lack of concern for the programming of the memory cards […]

Talk Radio Investigation Into New Voting Technology Reveals Vulnerabilities

Secretary Bysiewicz is taking steps to improve security and procedures with our voting machines. More seals and testing of spare memory cards for most districts by UConn. Yet, the procedures must be clear to election staff and followed unfailingly — a huge challenge when changing so many locations at once, with 169 municipalities with dedicated […]

Memory Card Failures 1%? 4%? 9%? – Diebold Won’t Disclose Data

Memory cards have been failing in Florida on AccuVote-OS scanners. Diebold won’t release the actual data claiming it is proprietary. Also attempts to blame the customer for the problem. BradBlog has the story. <read> The resulting reports, from 17 of the 27 counties, show two counties with over 9 percent memory card failure rate and […]

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