Internet Security Issues

Low Tech, Computer Hack

Just a little reminder that we can have all the physical security, encryption, open source, and source disclosure in the world. Yet, there are still low tech ways to hack systems available to high school “D students”.

Update: Nationwide: Computers Increase Students’ Temptation To Cheat

Electronic Medical Records vs. Electronic Voting

“There are many wrong ways to make this transition. If history is any indicator, unless a concerted effort is made to require proper protection, the new medical systems will be no better than the insecure voting machines that many states have purchased.”

Barbara Simons: The Internet and Voting: Worth Doing Right

Recently we were dissapointed when the Huffington Post ran a PR piece from Everyone Counts touting their risky election technology used in a Honolulu election. Now, Huffington Post has provided a platform for an expert technologist’s view.

Internet Voting: One of the Most Serious Threats to Democracy in the 21st Century

Now, President Obama has formally recognized the risks and insecurity of the internet. Given that recognition, the incidents we see reported almost daily, and those viruses that occasionally hit our computers, on what basis can anyone support internet voting?

Another Take On ATM’s vs. Voting Machines

Security firm Sophos reported this week that it received three samples of a trojan that was customized to run on Diebold-manufactured cash machines in Russia…

WSJ Article: Thwarting an Internal Hacker – Not Quite

In the end, systems will always have trusted people who can subvert them.

Internet Voting — Not Ready For Democracy

The Perils Of Online Voting – PA Voter Reg System Vulnerable

Pennsylvania has taken down its voter registration system. It seems that a hacker can easily change voter registration information for other people. <read> Online voter registration PDFs are left unsecured on the server for anyone to access. Simply change the request ID at the end of the URL. Valid IDs appear to be working from […]

Thorns In The Side or Unappreciated Donors?

“Hackers Welcome” is a refreshing read, at least for the technically inclined.  A great comparison of how different companies treat the discovery of software problems by outsiders – as things to be covered up or as gifts to be appreciated.  Insiders who do the same are either appreciated, suppressed, or out themselves for our benefit […]

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