Mail/Absentee Voting

Town Clerks Oppose Unlimited Absentee Balloting

Town clerks statewide are opposing bills seeking a constitutional change to allow early voting in Connecticut because they fear the proposals lack sufficient safeguards to deter election fraud.

The Perils Of No Excuse Absentee Voting

Video: “Vote By Mail” In Zimbabwe

This is a ten minute video. The beginning is a summary, followed by oppression of opposition. It ends with a more detailed demonstration of “vote by mail”. <view>. Someone risked their life to provide this information to the World.

89 Articles About Why Voting By Mail is a Very Bad Idea

A new addition to our blogroll, (No Vote By Mail), provides more, much more, on the risks of vote by mail that we cover from time to time. Are you wondering why voting by mail or absentee is a bad idea? Are you looking for information about the problems

The Case Against Voting By Mail

In an effort to increase participation, from time to time, we hear calls for unlimited voting by mail. Oregon provides for vote by mail. While well intended, vote by mail opens up the opportunity for fraud, buying votes, and voter intimidation. John Foster, makes the case to the Committee on House Administrations, Elections Subcommittee in […]