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What Do YOU [still] Want?

You are committed to the proposition that Democracy survive and flourish. We have serious work to do. It can happen in Connecticut. Voting Integrity, like the Constitution, can start here in the Constitution State and spread to the Nation. “Anything worth doing is worth failing at, and failing at, and failing at…until you succeed”

Damn the science; Damn the integrity; If it feels good do it!

The troops are supposed to be fighting for Democracy, our right to speak freely and even to protest wars if we choose. So, why do we deny or mislead them into compromising their voting anonymity? Compromising our right that everyone’s vote be anonymous?

What could a Secretary of the State Do?

Much of what we hear from candidates is proposed cheerleading and leadership from the bully pulpit: the bills they would propose to the legislature, the leadership they would provide to improve the business climate, encourage voting, and voting integrity in Connecticut. However, there are items that the Secretary of the State can do on their own initiative to improve business registration, public access to information, and the election process.

Testimony: Rescanning On Same Type Scanner Would Gut Post-Elecition Audit

The current bill is based on three assumptions, all of which are erroneous because:
1. A count by an identical scanner and memory card is NOT equivalent to a manual count.
2. The audits DO NOT cost too much.
3. People in Connecticut CAN count votes accurately

Hearing On Public Financing – Ad Hoc Testimony On Voting Integrity Issue

I debated testifying. The hearing was about the Citizens Election Program. IRV [Instant Runoff Voting] was really off topic. However, this was the first time to my knowledge that IRV has come up in the Legislature. Perhaps with a few words I could express an alternative view before a large number of legislators take a position; so that they would know that there are alternative views and significant concerns.

IRV: Not So Fast, Not So Simple

Tutorial information about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and associated concerns.

Letters TO and FROM the Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz

Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz, mailed a detailed letter to each voter who signed CTVotersCount.org petition. We respond.

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