MN: Citizens for Election Integity: Audit and Recount Report

The voting machines used in the audited precincts were shown to be accurate. All recount observers felt the counting procedures were accurate and none questioned the integrity of the count. No systematic concerns were raised by observers in the post-election audit or recount. Some procedures are in need of improvement, such as the absentee ballot process.

We look forward to a day when the Connecticut audit results are equally reassuring

Imagine A National Recount. What Could Possibly Be Worse?

I’d love to discuss the Electoral College and the importance of that institution, when you imagine a National Recount.” – Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State, Minnesota

What could possibly by worse?

Be Careful What You Ask For

Article in Akron Beacon Journal expresses concerns with a statewide recount. What about a nationwide recount? What would the National Popular Vote cause?

We have nothing against the well intentioned voters and legislators supporting the National Popular Vote Agreement. We encourage them to recognize and consider the impact of unintended consequences.

A Winner In Minnesota

Minnesota Recount vs. Connecticut Recanvass

Recount won’t actually count ballots

eTRICK or reTREAT? Nightmare of Elections Future

Editor’s Note:  Posted Halloween 2009.  Rush Holt has moved on from the House, yet we still face the danger of putting off needed reforms.

Like many voters, I am concerned about the integrity of this year’s election. Last night I was visited by three visions of elections future. From 2008, 2012 or 2016. I’m a little hazy on some of the details, but the visions were worse than anything yet imagined.

The Ghost Of Presidential Elections Future:
It seems the problems all stemmed from what happened in the 2008 election and its aftermath. Its a little hazy but the ghost warned of three possible outcomes:

Graphic Demonstration: Problems With Machine Recounts

We keep making the case that recounting by machine is unreliable and not up to the demands of Democracy. Kim Zetter has a readable and detailed article describing the ups and downs of the recent Palm Beach recounts. We have always said that recounting by machine can cause the same errors, if any, to simply […]

Lessons From RI/DC – Hand Recounts & Voter Fraud

The Providence Journal has the story of a very close primary in our neighboring state. There are some interesting lessons here. <read> First there is a reason CTVotersCount wants manual hand-to-eye counts in close races, rather than reading the votes through a machine. Primarily (no pun intended) any machine errors will likely just be repeated. […]

The Perils of Dependent Investigation

One of the prime objectives our Petition To Enhance Confidence In Connecticut Elections is “Requiring the Independent Audit Review Board”. Here is an example of the questions that can surround an investigation by an elections entity attempting to investigate itself, in Washington, D. C., from the Washington Post, Primary Vote Still Doesn’t Add Up: <read> […]