Its The Voters’ Fault – We Couldn’t Erase Their Vote

Disturbing article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Following directions counts in vote. Recent recounts show voter errors can change tally <read> The first disturbing thing is the thrust of the article that the reasons elections get overturned in recounts is the fault of the voters filling out ballots incorrectly. That is one point of view, […]

Ten Myths In The Nutmeg State

Ten Myths About Electronic Voting In Connecticut: Myth #1 – Connecticut has the toughest and strongest audit law in the country because we audit 10%.

West Hartford GAE Hearing

 Update:  View Hearing at <CT-N> There were about seventy five people at the West Hartford Government Administration and Elections Committee hearing. It was standing room only, with just a handful need to stand. Unlike the other hearings it was taped by CT-N. The vast majority of attendees were registrars, moderators, and other election officials. It […]

Bysiewicz Prepared To Eliminate Manual Recounts

Update: The word “prepared” does not not necessarily imply “will”.   Apparently no decision has been made.  However, we now have a member of the GAE committee who has suggested machine recounts, the Secretary has mentioned it before, and the GAE leadership mentioned the possibility at the press conference announcing public hearings.  This remains a […]

Bysiewicz To Consider Elimination Of Manual Recounts

Last year the Legislature passed PA 07-194 mandating audits of the optical scan machines. Last year, Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz promised advocates that regulations would mandate that recounts be manual counts and did not need to be included in the law. Now with less than half the mandated audits complete, according to the […]

Recount Reaffirm’s Wisdom of Recounts in Close Races

That’s not the tittle of article, nor what it says. It says: with 14 towns holding recounts. New Canaan is included in that and held a recount on Tuesday to reaffirm the 25-vote difference between Town Council candidates Beth Jones and John Emert. That recount showed Jones edging Emert by seven votes. No. It reaffirmed […]

Why Bother Recounting and Auditing Manually?

For those who question the value of manual counting in audits and recounts, here is an example from Greenwich, where despite pre-election testing an error apparently slipped through.

The Middlefield Recount Experience

Different officials gave differing opinions on what was permissible and what was not, but none were willing to make a decision and say with authority what process should be followed…

Meriden Record-Journal: Recounts raise questions about voting machines

Excellent article.  A significant issue is raised.   We will need to carefully review the results of the post-election audits and the recounts.  If the machines regularly fail to accurately count votes with an accuracy well within the mandatory recount level of 0.5% then we will need to set the recount trigger at a significantly higher […]

East Haven Recount#2 Lessons – Will We Learn?

Update: More lessons from the Wallingford Recount <read> This was a town council race with 17 candidates and 9 elected. 11,000 votes 59 poll workers counted in 6 hours. If we assume a $0.05 per vote (9) that would $0.45 per ballot. If so it works out to paying an average of $14.00 per poll […]