CT Skulduggery and Errors

Hartford Advocate: A New Day? [For Elections Enforcement]

Views of elections enforcement from Representative Chris Caruso and SEEC Director Al Lenge.

Low Tech, Computer Hack

Just a little reminder that we can have all the physical security, encryption, open source, and source disclosure in the world. Yet, there are still low tech ways to hack systems available to high school “D students”.

Update: Nationwide: Computers Increase Students’ Temptation To Cheat

The Day: New London has problem with math

Actually it is more a problem of complexity and communications

Connecticut: Land of Steady [and Slow] Habits

Connecticut takes criticism from Brad Friedman for the slow and unpredictable speed of election enforcement. As those of us who have submitted complaints know, they can take a long time to be completed. But as Brad points out, some are resolved much quicker than others.

Nov 08 Election Audit Reports – Part 1 – Bad Cards, Procedural Lapses Continue

This week the University of Connecticut VoTeR Center released reports on post-election audits and memory card testing for the November 2008 election. Today we will highlight and comment on the Memory Card Report.

We should all applaud the unique memory card testing program, yet we must also act aggressively to close the gaps it continues to expose.

Town Considers All Paper, No Scanners

[Easton Connecticut] is looking into using paper ballots for the upcoming budget referendums to save money.

We would recommend against all paper. Audits have shown that Connecticut election officials have difficulty counting even a few hundred ballots accurately. We also remember a very frustrating day observing the Easton election officials attempting to accurately count ballots for the audit after the November 2007 Municipal Election.

Another Discrepancy In Reported Vote Totals. And Another.

SOTS Web Site: 2876 + 0 = 2876, Town Clerk: 2862 + 103 = 2965

Update: And in Old Lyme…

Connecticut Voter Fraud Complaint

BradBlog.com story:

EXCLUSIVE: The New Voter Fraud Complaint Filed in CT Against the GOP’s Ann Coulter

New allegations of absentee ballot fraud in ’02 and ’04, follow on her multiple voter fraud crimes in FL in ’05, for which she was never ‘cleared’, as some media have inaccurately reported..

Another Short Story: Courtney and Working Families Votes Uncounted

Another story of candidates and parties shorted votes. This time it is the Working Families Party and Joe Courtney.

Update 1/15: Add Sherman and Plainfield to the list

CT: Unfortunately, we were correct.

Last week, we said “There are likely many other differences that have not been discovered.”