Ron Rivest explains why elections should be audited, especially in MA.

Prof Ron Rivest recently summarized in the Boston Globe why elections should be audited. While MIT is a leading source of election integrity research, ironically, it sits in a state with voter verified paper ballots, yet does not use them to verify election results.

CA, we told you so… predictable, unintended consequences of open primaries

We wish in cases like this that we were more frequently wrong in our predictions.

NIST: Internet voting not yet feasible. (And neither are email and fax voting)

Use of fax poses the fewest challenges, however fax offers limited protection for voter privacy. While the threats to telephone, e-mail, and web can be mitigated through the use of procedural and technical security controls, they are still more serious and challenging to overcome.

CO Legislature, Election Officials want to create “a favored class of citizens”

The ballot access issue has been debated in Colorado for too long. It is time for ballots to be confirmed as public records

60 Districts Selected for Post-Election Audits

Yesterday, with the assistance of Coalition members, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill selected sixty districts from the Republican Presidential Primary for post-election audit.

Which, if any, of Connecticut’s 169 towns would be secure for Internet voting (let alone email and fax voting)?

Some of the smaller Connecticut towns have very part time registrars who maintain office hours as infrequent as one hour a week. Registrars in their 70’s and 80’s whose towns have not provided them with access to email. Towns that have resisted laws to require them to post meeting minutes on the web as too challenging and costly? How will those towns accept and provide security for email and fax voting? How about even our larger cities? How well prepared are they and can they be?

Basics you need to know about election integrity in fifteen minutes

Kevin O’Neill, Capitol Thinking, interviews the authors of Broken Ballots – Will Your Vote Count, Prof Doug Jones and Dr. Barbara Simons <podcast> When it comes to elections and verifiability, Doug Jones and Barbara Simons are true experts that everyone can understand.

The Times and Internet Voting they are not a changing

Once again the New York Times ignores science and the evidence. While scientists once again, refute the Times.

Voting, alas, has unique characteristics that make internet implementations all but impossible given current technology. The big problem is that we make two demands of it that cannot be met simultaneously. We want voting to be very, very secure. And we want it to be very, very anonymous.

DHS Expert: Internet voting not secure

I had a front row seat last Thursday in Santa Fe, to hear Bruce McConnell from the Department of Homeland Security discuss Internet Voting.

Some people think online voting is bound to happen, though, once the kinks are worked out. But as McConnell’s comments show, those who worry a lot about cybersecurity believe that time is a long way away.

Online voting vendor, Scytl’s system worries experts in Canada

Vendor touted in CT and on NPR by West Virginia Secretary of the State comes under fire after Canadian election disrupted by hackers.

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