Once again, there is little “Voter Fraud”. But “Voting Fraud” that is another matter.

As we have said before, for all intents and purposes voter fraud is very rare, while voting fraud does regularly occur. Common sense tells us that very few voters would risk intentionally voting illegally for the purpose of casting a single fraudulent vote, given the effort, huge risk, miniscule value. Common sense also tells us that there is likely several times the instances of voter fraud and voting fraud than are successfully uncovered and successfully prosecuted. Yet, voter fraud would still be rare and generally ineffective. Not so with voting fraud, especially that committed by insiders.

Another 4th of July Suggestion

When one mixes religion and politics one gets politics.

Online tool to assist in absentee vote applications, available NOW!

We created this tool so that anyone who wishes to vote can be assisted – whether it be a traveling executive, a working parent, a home-bound person, or a college student away from home,

Who lost in the Massachusetts Special Election?

An article in Metro West brings home the points discussed here in two recent posts.

UConn paper warns of limitations of cryptography

Use of good tools must go hand-in-hand with good use of tools

“Chicken Littles” win in Colorado: Ironically, a new official Privileged Class

Those of us in the non-privileged majority will not have access to voted ballots until after elections are certified — too late, citizen activists persuasively argue, for effective public oversight. Many of those activists, it should be noted, have followed election issues closely for years and know a thing or two about them, too.

What We Worry Wisconsin! – Look ma no audits!

Wisconsin reminds us of the highest purpose of post-election audits. And that having paper ballots alone is insufficient.

Ron Rivest explains why elections should be audited, especially in MA.

Prof Ron Rivest recently summarized in the Boston Globe why elections should be audited. While MIT is a leading source of election integrity research, ironically, it sits in a state with voter verified paper ballots, yet does not use them to verify election results.

CA, we told you so… predictable, unintended consequences of open primaries

We wish in cases like this that we were more frequently wrong in our predictions.

NIST: Internet voting not yet feasible. (And neither are email and fax voting)

Use of fax poses the fewest challenges, however fax offers limited protection for voter privacy. While the threats to telephone, e-mail, and web can be mitigated through the use of procedural and technical security controls, they are still more serious and challenging to overcome.

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