How’s that votie integrity thing goin’ for us?

Following the mainstream media reports on Tuesday’s elections we learn: Two CEO-Business-Women won CA Republican Primaries. Most incumbents are in trouble. Yet, in Arkansas out-of-state-far-left-and-labor-supported Bill Halter was defeated by incumbent Sen Blanche Lincoln. [Apparently Lincoln had no out-of-state support or significant funders of note].

From reading local papers and watching news channels we get the impression that there were no election glitches to worry about either.

Internet Voting: U.S. Representative Rush Holt responds to the New York Times

“Rather than experimenting with less secure, less auditable methods of voting, I hope that states will use the 2010 election cycle to confirm how much more convenient, accessible and secure the Move Act, which I was otherwise pleased to support, makes military and overseas voting.”

Also, read what are troops are reading in the Stars and Stripes

Revolving door in PA swings toward Internet Voting

Some revolutions are good, some questionable. Pennsylvania’s election revolution resulted in many expensive paperless, unauditable, hackable voting machines – not much different than providing overseas and military voters with expensive, paperless, unauditable, insecure internet voting.

Absentee/Early Voting Method: Raise Questions and Risks

Another example from Arizona raises questions about the potential risks to integrity inherent in mail-in voting, unlimited absentee voting, and early voting by means similar to absentee voting. This is also similar to the method of election day registration voting proposed in Connecticut this year.

Damn the science; Damn the integrity; If it feels good do it!

The troops are supposed to be fighting for Democracy, our right to speak freely and even to protest wars if we choose. So, why do we deny or mislead them into compromising their voting anonymity? Compromising our right that everyone’s vote be anonymous?

Book Review: The Death and Life of American Journalism

Part of the reason there has been so little improvement in our election laws is the lack of demonstrated public interest. Part of the cause of the lack of demonstrated public interest is the lack of information brought to the attention of the public – the lack of news and journalism.

The Death and Life of American Journalism is more than a diagnosis and a prescription. It is a powerful, engaging lesson in history, with an equally persuasive analysis of the current crisis.

On Voting Integrity, Johnny We Hardly Agree With Ye

For the second time in as many weeks, I find myself disagreeing on an election integrity issue with John Nichols of The Nation.

Election Assistance Commission charged with shortchanging comment period on Internet Voting

Voter Action today delivered a letter to the US Election Assistance Commission charging that the federal agency is violating the federal Administrative Procedure Act by rushing – without appropriate time for public comment – proposed requirements for pilot programs implementing Internet voting for military and overseas voters in the 2010 election.

Fox Overseeing Chicken Coops – Federal Election Commission Edition

“Caroline Hunter lied to a federal judge about illegal vote caging by the RNC. She now sits on the Federal Election Commission where she continues to do everything possible to deprive Americans of the right to vote. We cannot allow someone like that to practice law. We are calling for her to step down from the FEC and if she does not, to be removed.

How Not To Increase “Voter” Participation

Dallas: It may turn out that mail-in voting enhanced turnout in the wrong way

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