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CTVotersCount.org is dedicated to fairness and confidence in democracy, that election results must accurately reflect the intentions of the voters.

We want every citizen’s vote counted!
To be counted accurately!
And to be counted only once!

At the foundation of our democracy are the promises of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, that We The People have the unalienable right to change our government. Today secret, unchecked voting systems put the fundamental basis of democracy in question and in peril. We are dedicated to fairness and confidence in all elections for the voters of Connecticut.

Our blog serves as a single news source and archive for Connecticut election integrity news and views, including national news relevant to Connecticut.

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Bio – Luther Weeks, Executive Director, CTVotersCount Luther Weeks, at the Capitol
Computer scientist. Active for several years in voting integrity issues and citizen-lobbying the Connecticut Legislature and the U.S. Congress.

Mr. Weeks’ efforts in Connecticut contributed to the passage of the paper record law in 2005 and the selection of optical-scan over DRE (touch screen) voting equipment in 2006. Since 2007, he has organized citizen volunteers to observe Connecticut’s post-election audits, independently report on those audits, and perform citizen audits of other aspects of the election system. In 2019 he was awarded the Full Tilt Activist Award in honor of the Quixote Foundation by the Election Verification Network. He was an original member of the State Audit Working Group since 2008 and has moderated the group since 2014. In 2020 the State Audit Working Group contributed the most extensive comments to the EAC for VVSG 2.0 and in 2021 to Senators and the Rules Committee to improve S.1, the For the People Act.

B.S. Mathematics, Clarkson University with Distinction; M.S. Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Master Fellow of the Life (insurance) Management Institute. Spanning thirty-five years, Mr. Weeks led the initial implementations of database, personal computer, and artificial intelligence technologies for The Travelers, where he also led the evaluation and acquisition of commercial software. For nine years, he was a field engineer and product manager for two data communications software start-ups.

Contact:  Luther @ CTVotersCount.org (remove spaces)

Bio – Denise Weeks, Co-Founder, Glastonbury, CT
Semi-Retired academic adviser, information technology project manager, and software testing leader. Led teams receiving numerous company and Government awards for software testing quality. B.A. University of Massachusetts, M.A. Central Connecticut State University.