Norwich Registrar Loses Party Endorsement In Close Vote

The Day:  Veteran registrar loses endorsement in Norwich <read>

Ten-year Democratic Registrar of Voters Nancy DePietro lost the party endorsement Thursday in a close vote at the Democratic Town Committee caucus.

Joann Merolla-Martin, 52, a tax consultant, defeated DePietro 29-26 in the vote for the nomination. Merolla-Martin has been active in the party for many years, but has not sought elected office…

The office has had some controversy over the years. During the 2008 presidential primary, some voters complained they were erroneously told they missed a deadline for registering to vote. The office also misplaced some last-day registrations, causing confusion when those who registered were not on voter lists for the primary.

In 2007, DePietro and Republican Registrar Gerald Kortfelt each were fined $3,000 for mistakes in the fall 2006 election, when four mechanical voter machines were brought to the wrong voting districts.


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