Recount Reaffirm’s Wisdom of Recounts in Close Races

That’s not the tittle of article, nor what it says. It says:

with 14 towns holding recounts. New Canaan is included in that and held a recount on Tuesday to reaffirm the 25-vote difference between Town Council candidates Beth Jones and John Emert. That recount showed Jones edging Emert by seven votes.

No. It reaffirmed the winner, not the difference. If Jones had won by 17 votes, perhaps the article would not be so rosy. Then we might have Emert winning by 1 vote. What has been reaffirmed is the wisdom of recounting close races!!!

Read the entire article which includes some thought provoking quotes by voter Jody Eisemann, Secretary of the State Bysiewicz, and George Cody, President of the Registrars Of Voters Association Connecticut. <read>


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