Fax and email voting: Hearing Highlights

CT-N has posted the video from the Veterans’ Affairs hearing. About a half-hour to three-quarters of an hour of the four and one-half hour hearing pertained to fax and email voting. Watching the Windows Media Player version, you can see the times and select testimony you would like to watch <video> (click on lower left where it says ‘open in media player’)

Earlier coverage <read>


Sadly,  CT has a 40% failure return rate according to the Secretary of the State (SOTS)

 Here are some highlights:

0:34 Town Clerk of Waterbury for the Town Clerks Assn.

0:41 She discusses risks of fraud

0:44 Sen Slossberg the sponsor

0:51 Rep Alexander, a former Adjutant and Voting Assistance Officer

Describes the risks of Fax on the submission end
(Much worse than I had imagined, also where does
the ballot go after faxing? Would a soldier vote
the way he/she thinks higher ups would want,
assuming they might look?)

1:00 Deputy SOTS James Spallone

Good review of OVF data and security concern

1:10 Senator Slossberg
Has info from all 29 states that do email and fax return that there have never been any problems

1:54 Vet that had return problem

Sen Slossberg asks if he is smart enough to waive rights

1:59  Rhode Island SOS Office

         No fraud allegations in all these years

         Less risk in RI as they do centrally

         53/1700 were sent in email/fax

Note: At 53/1700 sent in for RI, even if all those would not otherwise have been counted, then the return rate would only have been increased by 3.2%, after the system has been available since  1999. With the same success as Rhode Island, perhaps this bill would decrease Connecticut’s failed return rate from 40% to 36.8%.


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