Hartford: Wasting $ As Usual

Story from Jeffery B. Cohen at the Courant: <read>

Working Families Party registrar Urania Petit called Cityline this morning to complain. Her Democratic colleague, Olga Iris Vazquez, hired a six-week, $13-an-hour, temporary employee two weeks ago to help with the September primary.

But turns out there’s no need for a primary. And the employee is still working for another four or so weeks.

Some of  the comments said the third party registrar was wasting money, another defended her.

As we have said previously, if Hartford acted responsibly, having a third registrar is no reason that costs have to go up at all. <read>

For a city the size of Hartford there should be no problem having three registrars and the costs should be minimal. Each city sets the budget, salary, hours, benefits, and staffing of their Registrars Of Voters Office. Hartford could simply cut staffing and perhaps cut registrars’ hours or salary when three are elected to do the job of two.


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