Its The Voters’ Fault – We Couldn’t Erase Their Vote

Disturbing article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Following directions counts in vote. Recent recounts show voter errors can change tally <read>

The first disturbing thing is the thrust of the article that the reasons elections get overturned in recounts is the fault of the voters filling out ballots incorrectly. That is one point of view, but another is that the reason we recount close races is to assure that the intentions of the voters are followed. Its not to determine if voters are able to follow directions or if election officials are able to make voting convenient and easy to understand.

With the presidential election and its expected heavy voter turnout right around the corner, municipal clerks must issue a note of caution: If you want your vote to count, be sure to follow the instructions.
In these days of electronic vote counting, it seems a bit unusual for any votes to surface only after a recount.
But, as it turns out, these are mostly all cases of voter error.

But much more disturbing to me is that the “error” mail-in absentee voters make is using a pen, not the specified #2 pencil to fill out the ballot. Do I have to spell this out? Don’t know how to program a computer? Just bring an eraser to the counting room!

More specifically, Rennert said, the problem is the result of voters using a black pen to mark the absentee ballot.
This happens despite very explicit instructions that read in bold type, “Important, please use a No. 2 pencil or marking pen provided only.”
The marking pen is provided to people who vote in their municipal office in person. Voters who mail-in absentee ballots must use a No. 2 pencil.


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