Lou Dobbs Gets It – Deseret News Does Not

We don’t always agree with Lou Dobbs, but he has nailed it on electronic voting and the Feinstein/Bennett bill. Amazingly the Senator goes against her state and also claims she really cannot do anything but this “compromise” bill. She could do nothing, it would be much much better than this bill.

Video: <watch>

Meanwhile in a story we should expect more of by Deseret News <read>

Civil rights groups, state voting officials and computer experts all praised Wednesday a bill

This is hand-picked computer experts out of the mainstream and some advocates accepting large donations from voting machine vendors. Watch Lou Dobbs for a summary that fits more with what mainstream computer experts would all say, if any were invited to the hearing.

“The legislation allows for innovation and experimentation. The legislation sets objectives but does not dictate how the objective is to be achieved,” he said.

This is a star-wars like program of technology that does not exist being funded, aiming cash at vendors, destined to destroy democracy. Be skeptical very skeptical.

More details in our recent post.


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