Rep Caruso: Senate Dems Against Campaign Finance Reform

Norwich Bulletin article: Finance reform fine, as long as nothing is fixed <read>

Caruso maintains those senators opposed to the law labor under the belief they have inherent right to the positions they hold, and have no desire to create a level playing field that might allow an opponent to take from them what they already own. And he didn’t mince words.

When I asked Caruso if it was his contention the bill was sabotaged from the onset, his response was, “Yes.”

According to Caruso, it was the Senate Democrats who insisted on the provision that states if any portion of the bill is declared unconstitutional, the entire bill is null and void. After securing that compromise, Caruso said, they then insisted on the language regarding minor party and petitioning candidates — knowing full well that it would be likely declared unconstitutional if challenged…

The problem is a decision on the appeal isn’t likely until at least February — and it’s unlikely the state will prevail. With a short session coming up, and strong opposition to fix the measure, Caruso fears any effort to correct the problem at that stage would likely fail…

Among those Caruso identified as opposed to fixing the law are  Williams; state Sen. Edith Prague, D-Columbia; and state Sen. Gayle Slossberg, co-chairman of the Government, Administration and Elections Committee — along with others…

Slossberg, Caruso said, may face a third party challenger in this year’s election, dividing the Democratic vote in her district — which could cause her to lose her re-election bid.

As co-chars of the Government Administration and Elections committee Sen Slossberg and Rep Caruso had differing opinions on several issues.

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