Same Day Voter Registration Passes Connecticut House

CTNewsJunkie and the Courant have the story and the debate.  We expect the Senate to pass the bill,  but the Governor seems to be leaning toward a veto:  From CTNewsJunkie:

While she’s reluctant to comment on any bill before it reaches her desk, Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Tuesday that it raises a lot of questions.

On her way up the stairs to her office Tuesday Rell said same-day voter registration may open up the process to “the possibility of fraud.” However, Rell said she hasn’t really considered the bill and doesn’t really have a firm opinion yet.

She said she can’t understand people who forget to register to vote. “You can’t help but know there’s an election coming these days,” Rell said.

We supported the initial version of the bill which provided a ticket to newly registered voters to go to their regular polling place – it could cause difficulties for voters with transportation issues.  It was later replaced with a version that called for ballots to be filled out at the registration site with ambiguous direction for the handling of such votes – it provided very questionable security.

The bill, via an amendment which we understand was passed, provides essentially an absentee ballot for newly registered voters.  This is a resonable compromise.  We support the bill.  However, we point out that  absentee ballots centrally counted or hand counted remain exempt from Connecticut’s post-election audits.


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