Yes, Virginia your vote does count [if you do vote]

The Virginia House election does remind us. From the Hill: Tied Virginia election proves every vote actually does count <read>

Just ask two people today, Shelly Simonds and David Yancey. Both were candidates for delegate to the Virginia state legislature from the 94th House District. Neither has been declared the winner.

The election took place in November. The reason that there is no declared winner or loser is that they both got the exact same number of votes…

This election is not an aberration or once-in-a-century occurrence.

In 1991, in the same state of Virginia, Democrat Jim Scott won his seat in the Virginia House of Delegates by one vote. He beat his Republican opponent, David Sanders, by 6,493 votes to 6,492 votes. That’s 12,985 total votes cast.

The article goes on to list several other  instances.  We have some recent ones in Connecticut:

  • In 2012 we had a two way tie in 2012 for the CT House. Then a recanvass resulting in a one vote winner. Another recanvass resulting in a tie and a revote.
  • This year in Stamford a one vote winner for RTM. Then a recanvass resulting in a tie. Followed by a revote.

Three things to add:

  • Just as one more vote would have made a winner. One vote less on either side would have lost.  So, those who voted can all take credit for the result.
  • This was bigger than it seems.  The final adjudication will determine which party controls the Virginia House.
  • There is no Santa, democracy is in our hands.

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