Case Dismissed in Bridgeport – Reason Missed In Hartford

Update: Glitch in the Webmaster’s work, which is unaudited!!!: An earlier versions cut off part of the quote and the editorial comment making the point.

From the Channel 30 report:

A state Superior Court judge on Wednesday dismissed state Rep. Christopher Caruso’s lawsuit challenging the results of the Bridgeport Democratic primary for mayor.Caruso lost the Sept. 11 primary to state Sen. Bill Finch by 270 votes out of 9,000 ballots cast. Caruso, who said 22 violations affected the primary, sued. He said city election officials improperly prevented some voters from casting ballots and directed others to vote for Finch

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said the judge’s ruling made it clear that all votes were counted accurately. “Judge (John) Blawie’s decision validating the results gives voters in Bridgeport, and across Connecticut, confidence in the election process, both in terms of the voting machines we now use and the procedures followed by local Registrars of Voters,” Bysiewicz said.

No. The votes were not counted against the paper. It does not validate the machines in Bridgeport, let alone the machines across the state. Absence of evidence of error is not evidence of absence of error. I have no reason to suspect a problem. Nobody has reasons to prove everything is ok.


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