Register Citizen: Denise Merrill favors regionalization of some election functions

Register Citizen article: Denise Merrill outlines Secretary of the State campaign <read>

getting Connecticut’s towns more up to speed with modern technology will be one of her goals. “I will work very hard to enforce a statewide voter registration Web site … I’m looking at regional solutions (for voter registration),” she said.

“We just don’t have the money for every town to do what they do,” she added, referring to the traditional voting process that requires staffing, machines and the costs that go with them. “Voting in person is less common now in some towns, because people don’t live where they work, so they opt for an absentee ballot.”

We note one small, yet perhaps critical error in the article.  Jerry Farrell is Commissioner of Consumer Protection, rather than the Office of Public Safety.

Editor’s Note:  CTVotersCount attempts to provide fair coverage of the Secretary of the State race. We reference any information that we find that may help citizens determine their vote, particularly with regard to issues associated with voting integrity and voting in general. We certainly do not find every article published and also ignore many which primarily provide redundant information to previous posts with well known candidate positions and information. At times it seems we have several posts in a row focused on one candidate and at other times several focused on another candidate. The posts we cover are selected for informational value and based on when we discover the information. (Also, see our Editor’s Note on the 2010 race for Secretary of the State)

Denise Merrill outlines Secretary of the State campaign


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