Memory Card Failures 1%? 4%? 9%? – Diebold Won’t Disclose Data

Memory cards have been failing in Florida on AccuVote-OS scanners. Diebold won’t release the actual data claiming it is proprietary. Also attempts to blame the customer for the problem. BradBlog has the story. <read>

The resulting reports, from 17 of the 27 counties, show two counties with over 9 percent memory card failure rate and some counties with zero. The average failure rate is 2.8 percent; nearly three times what Diebold/Premier is admitting publicly.

Datona Beach News-Journal:

Diebold officials said the 4.4 percent error rate in Volusia was unusual, that the average was about 1 percent. The company conducted a survey of 27 Florida counties that use its machines but refused to release the results, calling them “proprietary business information.

The company offered several explanations for the damage, including improper cleaning, foreign objects and improper memory card removal or insertion,

Update: More from Brad Blog <read>

Nonetheless, some very good stuff here. Of particular note, are the points from Diebold’s recommendations which “appear to border on the absurd,” that should voting machine memory cards be lost, “elections must be re-scheduled.” Or if they fail, as our recent story concerning Diebold’s admissions about memory card failures in Florida pointed towards, the company says “all voters will have to be called in to re-vote.”

Update 11/12: Some responses from Diebold/Premier <read>


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