Unintended Consequences – Bridgeport Lockup

Update:Â Supreme Court to intervene <read>

Bridgeport, Conn., Voting Machines “Held Hostage” Says Secretary of State <read>

Judge Blawie has ruled that the primary election results are valid,” said Bysiewicz. “Rep. Caruso is entitled to appeal but he should not hold the city’s voting machines hostage in the process. The actual paper ballots would be available for review if necessary but the voting machines used in the primary should be released now so election officials can prepare them for next week’s general election. Rep. Caruso has the opportunity to help, and ensure that taxpayers are not forced to shell out thousands of dollars to have substitute machines shipped in from out of state.”

Here are some solutions:

  • Borrow the machines from towns not holding elections this year (Federal HAVA funds paid for them)
  • Have a team of representatives of both candidates observe as the memory cards are removed from the scaners and locked up, then reuse the machines.
  • Use paper ballots and hand count the election
  • Use the backup machines for the election, and use paper where the backup machines fail on election day

What has not been mentioned in any reporting, as far as I know, is that Bridgeport was supposed to conduct random post-election audits of the primary by October 1st, and has not because of the machine lockup.


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