New Britain – Shortage of Election Officials. Questionable Procedures? Short Fuses?

Update 11/3, more arguments <read>, no wonder they are having problems recruiting.

Between pay increases for poll workers and a candidate’s company moving voting machines, New Britain voting officials have had their share of the news lately. Now Rick Guinness reports on a shortage of poll workers, a shortage of cooperation between registrars, and frustration directed at the Secretary of The State <read>

As of Wednesday afternoon, Democrats need one to fill their quota and Republicans needed 27, according to Democratic Registrar of Voters Edward “Butch” Dzwonkowski…

Tensions have risen among voting officials. Staff members in the registrars’ office said [Republican Registrar of Voters Dorothy] Turnrose stormed out of the City Hall basement vault where she, Dzwonkowski and their staffs had been working to secure and store voting machines for Election Day. Turnrose did not show up for work Wednesday after Tuesday’s argument, and she did not return phone calls….

[Mayor Timothy] Stewart said the state thrust new voting machines and laws on cities and towns on the pretext they were more efficient and secure.


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