14 Towns Exempt From Post-Election Audits, So Far

Press Release from Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz <read>

So far, 14 Connecticut towns have reported races close enough for an automatic manual recount.  That is the good news, unfortunately, due to Public Act 07-194 those towns are also exempt from the random post-election audits.  More to come as results come in and races are contested which can also result in exemption or avoiding the recount.

One slight mis-statement in the release: all paper ballots for selected races will not be counted – central count absentee ballots are also exempt by Public Act 07-194 audited.

Once again there is news – 300 memory cards were tested so far, and another 300 expected to be done soon.  At 600 that is a large portion of the districts in the election.


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